Nineteen-year old Abbey Stone is a musician that is definitely marking her footprint in the music industry. I met Abbey when I was around twelve as we were competing at a major Victorian competition and I was completely awed at her amazing songwriting abilities.

As an escape from life’s troubles, Abbey began songwriting at the age of eleven. “The first song I ever wrote was about how I was getting bullied by people I went to school with.” She found that the only way to say things that she then couldn’t say to those people bullying her was to write it down.

Her debut single, ‘For Everything’ released in November 2012 was written about graduating her final year of high school. It was developed at a big turning point in her life when she had the sudden realisation that life was going to change. “After all those years together, it was all of a sudden clear to me that the people I saw everyday weren’t going to be in my life anymore.” It talks about the highs and lows of Year 12 and the celebration of achieving a milestone. “That was the first time I felt like I’d crosMG_8188sed the finish line.”

Travelling to the US gave her the chance to learn about herself and the world around her. “I finally got the change of scenery I needed to evolve as a writer.” She spent a few months in Nashville and New York City in 2013 writing and recording whilst performing at iconic places such as the Bluebird Cafe in Nashville and the Apollo Theatre in Harlem.

Her latest single, ‘Dear Lover’ was released in November 2013. It was mastered by David Briggs, guitarist and songwriter of the Little River Band. ‘Dear Lover’ was a song that just happened in rehearsals without the intention of recording and releasing it as a single. This is my favourite as it shows Abbey’s raw and compelling vocals as she pours out her heart to her future lover. “It’s a bit nostalgic in the sense that one day I’m going to play it to my husband and say, “See, I knew I’d find you!””

In 2014, Abbey has teamed up with super-producer LUCIANBLOMKAMP on her latest track ‘Brave Heart’ which is to be released very soon. She will also be returning to the States in June to write and record some new music. I wish Abbey all the best for her success and cannot wait to hear her latest work.

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‘Dear Lover’ – Abbey Stone live at King Kahuna

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