Quirky and experimental duo, A Whale Called Phoenix is comprised of Jimmy Pollock and Anthony Nero.

If you are the type of music fan that wants to explore the wide variety of genres music has to offer, then check out these guys.


With no definitive style, the two have said to be making music in a bedroom with two acoustic guitars, following no rules and leaving it all to their imagination.

Friends for over 20 years and growing up in different bands, the boys learnt each other’s style and musical capabilities.

The idea to start AWCP was at a BBQ where the two were planning to travel to Europe with band at the time, This Public Life. After many rehearsals, they found themselves disconnecting from the band’s repertoire and then decided to write new and different ones. And alas, the duo was born.

“It’s an opportunity for us to be true to ourselves and have lots of fun.”

Using only iPhones to record both their music and video clips, the two have recorded videos all around Melbourne including Luna Park in St Kilda.

“We just wait for inspiration to come and just go with that.”

Their first track titled, A Blessing In Disguise, was an unfinished song that Jimmy had in his collection for years.

“I knew the start had something and for 2 years I’d play that start and never do anything with it,” Jimmy said.

After showing it to Anthony, the song was finished that day – a blessing in disguise!

“I really like the message of the song…which is about…accepting who you are and your life and just being old enough to realise that you should just do what you like…” Anthony explained.

When searching the duo on YouTube, RSOM came across a video of the pair singing an original song called, Friends (Until The End), live at King Kahuna where you see a softer side.

Anthony’s lead vocal is very honest and makes the message of the song genuine, yet still features the quirkiness of Jimmy who sings soft vocals in the background. This contrast of Ant and Jimmy in the video is what makes the duo very unique as the two personalities complement so well.

“We are energized by the feelings of when a song is first thought up and written, raw and simple. Totally stripped back and fresh,” Jimmy said.

Mamma Lee, their current track shows that their imagination has no boundaries.

Their description on YouTube is:

To accept yourself, you must accept your demons. This can be liberating. Once you harness them, exercise them.
Exercise the demon.

It’s almost like being in the outback when listening to this song, with the two acoustic guitars, Jimmy’s well-grown beard, and the setting of the video clip situated in a jungle-esque area.

The video clip was filmed at Caulfield Park with a $0 budget and with the use of the loyal iPhone. The clip was released on Dec 3, 2014.

When talking about future plans for the duo, they both said that they work well together and are now ready to share their message to the wider public.

4“We should definitely get an EP together, because we are ready to do that.”

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