With a voice similar to Ron Pope, this artist takes no boundaries when it comes to songwriting.

Igniting his passion for music at an early age, Jake Nicholls would spend endless hours playing, researching and obsessing over techniques on his guitar. With major influences such as Jimmy Page (Led Zeppelin), Angus Young (AC/DC) and SRV (Double Trouble), being a guitarist was his only interest.

“When I was 12, my sister got a guitar and started getting lessons, and after a while, I was playing it more than her, so at 13, my parents got me an electric guitar.”

But it was not only till the band The Mere Poets was looking for a singer that Jake decided to take on the role and begin songwriting.

The Mere Poets

This gave him the chance to widen his experiences from singing in the bedroom to performing on stage around Melbourne.

“Being a frontman helped me gain charisma on stage and a feel of connecting with other musicians.”

With band members deciding to leave and continue on with new projects, The Mere Poets broke up in June 2014. “As reluctant as I was to end our chemistry as a band, I knew it was time to move on and really focus in on my music.”

But this hasn’t stopped Jake, as he is busy writing and performing.

His first original on the guitar ‘That Girl’ is a typical catchy love song that every musician may have in their repertoire at some point.

Yet when he started piano at 18, this amazing and a definite must-listen, ‘Slip Away’ was the first original written using a piano as accompaniment. It speaks about a rocky break-up, the feelings when experiencing it but also reflecting back on the good times.

Here is an excerpt of the chorus:

10251968_550693948372669_1040588863409102040_n“And we’ll fly till we’re falling,
till we’re down on our knees,

And I feel you slip away.

And we’ll fight till we’re exhausted,
till our hearts don’t agree,

And I feel you slip away.”


My favourite version of this song is the live version as it is just vocals and the piano. What’s compelling is the honesty and sadness coming through his voice. You can hear the live version here.

Having experienced so much in the last 4 years, Jake is ready to take the next step. Right now, his priority is seeking the attention of a major record label or management company to take him on.

We wish you well Jake!

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