Welcome to our very first fan-based Q&A.
These three lucky people have been chosen from a competition run on both our Facebook and Instagram sites to feature in our Q&A. They will then have the chance to answer specific questions sent Beccyyyyby RSOM about their favourite Melburnian act.

Name: Bec Grech

1. Who is your favourite Melbourne act?
One of my favourite acts from Melbourne would definitely have to be Harts.

2. Genre of music?
His music is a combination of funk, soul, rock and pop and also a hint of blues can be heard in some of his songs.

3. Why do you like this act?
What really stands out about Harts is that he is essentially a one man band, writing and recording all of his music himself. He is an extremely talented musician with all of the instruments he picks up, but most noticeably on guitar, with many extraordinary solos to be heard in his music. The riffs in his songs are also  incredibly catchy and groovy, which create great vibes and make the task of not dancing when listening to his music quite impossible.

4. Have you seen the act live?
Unfortunately I haven’t yet had the opportunity to see Harts perform live, I really hope I get to soon!

5. Favourite song?
My favourite of his songs is one of his older singles “Leavn it all behind”. He has a recorded version on YouTube, however I prefer the live music video he made for it.


6. Where can you access them on social media?
Harts has a Facebook and Twitter account which I follow him on, and he also has a YouTube account.

“Harts has done an awesome cover of Jimi Hendrix’s “Purple Haze” which is definitely worth a listen and he also has a new album to be released very soon which I can’t wait to hear!”

jeremyName: Jeremy Piper
Age: 19
Location:  Melbourne
Occupation: Student

1) Who is your favourite Melbourne act?
The Black Harrys

2) Genre of music?
Folk, Roots, Reggae, Funk & Blues.

3) Why do you love the act?
The Black Harrys generate a really unique sound, as a trio they play as a tight
ensemble; each bringing a contrast of tasteful timbre to their arrangements and
original compositions.
Having been grateful enough to meet the group, I know that the three boys are
young, talented, charismatic and aspiring musicians.

4) Have you seen the act live? If so, where?
I was lucky enough to see the trio busking on the corner of Bourke Street in the
Melbourne CBD.

5) Favourite song? Trees & Their Leaves

 6) Where can you access them on social media?

“Please check these guys out, they are good friends of mine and I really recommend their work.”


Name: Jackie Roy
Age: 19
Location: Melbourne
Occupation: Student

1)   Who is your favourite Melbourne act?
The Bangs
2)   Genre of music:
Garage rock
3)   Why do you love the act?
I inherently love these guys because the drummer is my next-door neighbour and I’ve known her since I was around 3 years old. The music makes me want to dance and go surfing. If you like Best Coast, you’ll like The Bangs. It’s an all girl band so what’s not to love?
4)   Have you seen the act live? If so, where?
They perform at quite a few Brunswick venues. I saw them at the Brunny this summer and they had a great stage presence.
5)   Favourite song? 20 Border Drive

6)   Where can you access them on social media?

“I hope these girls keep up the great work. Their stuff is awesome and I want to hear more.”

We thank Bec, Jeremy and Jackie for taking part in our first Q&A!
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