A passionate and driven artist, 24 year old Elodie Adams has just released her debut EP, inSUBORDINATE, following the successes of her debut single, ‘Born to Love You.’

At the age of 4, Elodie began playing the violin, which became her greatest love as she spent hours upon hours practicing.

“Most people assume I was a singer first, but to me, the violin will always be my first instrument.”

Her major songwriting and producing influences include American jazz singer/songwriter, Fiona Apple who is known for her single, ‘Criminal,’ and Trent Reznor, well known for his time with rock band, Nine Inch Nails.


Elodie began songwriting at the age of 17 as a means of overcoming sadness following an injury causing her to not play violin at a professional level.

“I bought a keyboard, without knowing how to play it… sat down, and found the pain I felt in a combination of keys I pressed down upon.”

Her love for poetry and the dramatisation of tragedy are major elements when writing songs. “I feel that there is a place within me that I draw upon to write the material that I do, and that place is very dark and consumed with anger, sadness and an overwhelming desire for passion and love.”

Enthusiastic about producing, Elodie wanted to co-produce her own music yet struggled to find a producer who would take somebody with limited knowledge on board. Fortunately, she found, Lee Bradshaw, and through their creation of ideas and Lee’s nurturing, the EP, inSUBORDINATE, was born.

“He was incredibly patient with me and allowed me to make an incredible amount of mistakes, and really learn through trial and error. I believe the end result has proven to be something wonderfully unique.”

inSUBORDINATE highly explores the themes of feminism, gender equality and liberation.

“I feel that all women should be raised in a society which teaches and enables them to appreciate and love their uniqueness and individuality.”


Her debut single, ‘Born to Love You’, was written during a turning point in her life when her life was suddenly changing as she became heavily involved in the music world. The single is a reflection of her isolation at that time. She explains that music is always accompanied by a strong vision as she looks to create universes in the songs that she writes.

“For Born to Love You, the vision I had was of a faceless female, being surrounded by a very specific haze of colour. It appeared to be an endless space of coloured mist which would not dissipate no matter where the female ran; a clear reflection of feeling isolated by the music industry in the early years.”

The single is now featured as the theme song on Playstation game, Oddworld, after Elodie contacted Oddworld co-founder, Lorne Lanning on Facebook. (watch trailer here)

“As a gamer myself, I have been a long time fan of the Oddworld video game series right from the first release of Oddysee back on PS1.”3

Elodie’s debut EP, inSUBORDINATE, was launched on Thursday 28th August at The Tote in Collingwood.

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