Former contestant of Season 3’s hit TV show, The Voice Australia, Julian Simonsz has released his first single on his self-titled EP due for release on November 21

His new single, I Do It For You, a song about appreciation was initially written for his wife but now gives opportunity for fans to also relate to the song.

The video clip features fans of Julian’s who were invited to get involved via a call-out on his Facebook page. The clip has received more than 40,000 views.

“These are real people [with] real stories and I hope that that video conveys the message about appreciation and doing something back for someone that is important to you.”

From an early age, Julian always wanted to be an artist. With a studio at home, he would be seen regularly producing and writing music.

The 28 year old had previously auditioned for the second season of The Voice Australia but didn’t proceed to the next stage of auditions. It was at this point in time where he decided to take his music more seriously.

“It sort of clicked…the application was like you need to be semi-professional or professional. At that stage, it was all or nothing,” he said.

For the next year and half, he began to build an online profile on YouTube where his most popular video reached over 160,000 views when he performed his rendition of Justin Timberlake’s Mirrors.

“Then, I knew that I really wanted to take it seriously.”

Meanwhile, he completed a Bachelor of Audio Production at Melbourne’s SAE Institute and was about to get married.

“I felt like I was very confident with myself ­[when] back in the day, I used to be very shy. I wouldn’t even sing in front of my Mum and Dad.”

He highlights the blind auditions as his favourite part of his time on The Voice. He said it was, “a dream come true,” when all four judges Ricky Martin, Kylie Minogue, Joel Madden and Will.I.Am turned their chairs around while he jammed on stage to Justin Timberlake’s, Suit and Tie.10403055_676631072371936_4384584699609479392_n

“It still blows my mind!”

His strategic decision to pick judge Will.I.Am was so he could improve on his performing skills where Julian felt it was one of his main weaknesses.

However, Grammy Award producer and member of former hip-hop group, The Black Eyed Peas describes Simonsz’s voice as, “pristine.”

 “I just wanted to learn more about myself than just being an artist.”

Dubbed as, ‘the next Justin Timberlake,’ he then progressed to the top 24.

“One thing I clearly remember them, (the judges), saying before I went on stage [was to] just enjoy yourself and have fun,” he said.

With no success to the top 12, it was straight into the studio for Julian to record his EP. This involved intense research of producers to work with.

“If I want to take it seriously and really work hard at it, you’ve got to take every opportunity as it comes.”

And along came Michael DeLorenzis and Melbourne singer/songwriter Micheal Paynter, from MSquared Productions. Julian describes them as musical geniuses as he feels they all worked together very well.

“They are actually one person,” he said.

The self-titled EP is said to be based on relationships and love. His EP will be launched at The Northcote Social Club and will feature fellow contestant, Thando, who will open the night.

It will also be his first time singing with a band. “I’ve never ever performed with a band. Everything’s been backing tracks or acoustic sessions with a guitarist… I am so…excited about it,” he said.

His plans for the future include recording his first album as well as hoping to tour Australia.

The EP launch will be held at The Northcote Social Club on November 23rd at 7:30pm.

Details on purchasing tickets are also available on his official website.

It was an absolute pleasure to chat with Julian.
He is such a down to earth person a1nd talented musician and I wish him all the success for his upcoming EP release and launch.

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Buy his single on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/au/album/i-do-it-for-you-single/id921879915

Upcoming Performances

~ Friday November 7th: Rise Up Cancer Appeal: Cranbourne Auditorium @ 6pm
~ Saturday November 8th, Bikes 4 Life: Trak Lounge Bar @ 6:00pm
~ Sunday November 23rd, Julian Simonsz EP Launch: Northcote Social Club @ 7:30pm

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