A child of a musical household, a part of her time growing up was on tour with her Mum and Dad as they played Benny Andersson and Anni-Frid (Frida) Lyngstad in ABBA tribute band, BABBA. 

When not on tour, her father would play the piano around the house and baby Jade would sing gibberish back, singing before she could even talk.

Performing and writing songs from a very young age, Jade was involved in musical theatre productions and later on in her high school years, began to collaborate and perform with other musicians.

“So many special moments in my life have come because of the people I know and the contacts I have come across,” she says. “Everyone is so intertwined in the industry, you’re always bumping into someone.”

Her achievements include performing at Hisense Arena in front of 40,000 people as part of the Victorian State School Spectacular in 2014, as well as being crowned the winner of the 2015 Melbourne Music Bank competition, a competition designed to kickstart a musician’s career in the music industry.

Entering the Melbourne Music Bank gave Jade the motivation to build her confidence and her profile as an artist. Talking about both the Spectacular and MMB, she said that she loved them both for different reasons.1

“I was more nervous for MMB because it was a competition, I knew that I was being judged and up against artists who are just as deserving. In the arena, I wasn’t nervous.”

Since the win, she got stuck straight into recording her winning single, Kick Drum, at Melbourne recording studio, Sing Sing Studios, two days after the final.

A song written at the age of 15, Kick Drum is all about the uncontrollable feeling of happiness and the effervescent feeling of joy. Hearing the melody in a dream, she woke up and instantly recorded the melody which then turned into this upbeat and happy tune.

Jade’s busy schedule also included filming a video clip for Kick Drum, photoshoots as well as interviews on radio and for various publications.

Winning the competition has taught Jade many things about the practice of the music industry. “You don’t realise how many people are behind the scenes with making just one small thing happen.”

When talking about shooting the video clip, she said that it was the first time she had given someone else control over her music as she had always done everything on her own.

“Handing over something personal and letting someone else take control was very weird,” she said. Although letting go was hard at first, she said that she has had a lot of fun and has learnt a lot in the process.

Plans for the future include releasing an EP and sharing many more of her songs with you all. She also plans to continue on building her networking and sharing their knowledge.

Jade Alice is currently preparing for a single launch for Kick Drum which will kick off tonight at Shebeen. You can purchase tickets here.

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