There is only one word that describes this songwriter: mysterious.

Upon meeting this artist at a Lygon St café, mystery hovered in the air as I had limited knowledge and a million questions. Yet throughout the conversation, some mysteries were solved, but others remain untold and it’s all part of his master plan.

Meet Charles Corby. A dedicated, driven and unique artist who spends his nights writing and producing music, whilst passing the days meandering through cafes high on caffeine and planning his next steps.


His last name is no stranger to the public eye as he is in the same family as Melbourne singer/songwriter Matt Corby, winner of the ARIA Award two years in a row for ‘Song of the Year’ (‘Brother’ 2012 and ‘Resolution’ 2013).

When speaking about Matt, he states that he would never refer to him as a means for gaining exposure.
“I’m proud of him, but I wouldn’t use him for publicity.”

Charles is a classically trained vocalist and holds high praise for the grand piano. Heavily influenced by the bands Evanescence and 30 Seconds to Mars, he highlights the prominent features of vulnerability and destructed innocence in his writing. Therefore, to give his music a definitive genre is unclear, yet I would describe it as ‘classically infused rock.’

There are no conventions in songwriting for Charles as he enters with a blank mind and focuses on the intricate melodies of the piano rather than chord progressions. “When I’m singing, I don’t think about the notes, I’m thinking about the content.” For him, music is therapeutic.


His mysterious character as a person is shown through his music as there are no links to any videos or audio online. But why, you ask? This is all part of his giant plan on the road to stardom. He calls it, “the backwards way.” He says that he is taking a different route than most artists. “I don’t really care [how] everyone else is doing it, I do what is most innate to me.”

With an original repertoire of around 100 songs, it’s amazing how he will not reveal any music to anyone, (us included). Yet Charles mentions that he wants his music to be 100% before releasing it. “If they have to hear something, it has to be exactly what I want them to hear.”

So, what is Charles up to right now?

What we’ve been told is that he is currently planning a single to be released later in the year. This includes a quick getaway to The Gothic Quarter in Barcelona to shoot some promo photos with high profile photographer Andrew Guillaume who shoots for events such as Melbourne Fashion Week. He is also interested in collaborating with other artists on future projects.

I don’t know about you, but after meeting him, I am left wanting more.

We thank Charles for featuring on RSOM and we wish you all the best for your future endeavours. We are all sitting at our desks waiting for the announcement of your single’s release.

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