A man who has tried every trade but always called music home

31-year-old Ricky Muscat said that music was “built in him,” as he called his late father a major inspiration. A self-taught musician, he was always participating in music at school but could never afford singing lessons. “I never really learnt anything…. I just sang.”


Entering the workforce at a young age, Ricky tried every single apprenticeship but only lasted a week or two.  “It just wasn’t me,” he said.

At the age of 20, Ricky decided to try and audition for reality TV show, Australian Idol.

“I got to the point where I was like, “I know I can sing” so I thought, let’s try Idol.”

After getting knocked back the first year, he decided to try a second time and at the age of 21, Ricky was a contestant on Season 4 of Australian Idol.

I was thrown into the deep end,” Ricky explained as he learnt everything from vocal health and technique to utilizing the stage.

“Most people go to singing schools. “This was my foundation…where everything started. If it wasn’t for auditioning, I wouldn’t have known how to get into it.”

Life was always busy at Idol as his biggest highlight was making the Top 12 and eventually fifth place. A mad AFL fan, another special moment was featuring in a half-time performance at the MCG. After Idol, Ricky was regularly performing around Melbourne.

Six years ago, he was approached by James and Vince Leigh (formerly of bands Pseudo Echo and Invertigo), and this introduced Ricky to the conventions of songwriting, a new adventure for the soloist. “Everything I learnt today has been through them. They know what people want because they’ve been in the game.”

Staying away from major record labels, Ricky is now on his way towards his first debut EP with his band MUSCAT.

His upcoming single, Girlfriend will be the latest from the band as the single heavily hints the message that he is single and looking. It’s about being out and about and connecting with this one girl that you just can’t take your eyes off.”

You can check out a quick snippet of Girlfriend here.

The EP revolves around relationships with girls, which are all based on personal experiences. Co-written with James and Vince, Ricky is now starting to master his craft of lyric writing with melodies and music being his strength.

Currently, Ricky and his band MUSCAT are regularly playing around Melbourne with upcoming gigs supporting RNB superstars Pretty Ricky and Ashanti on Saturday 2nd August at Brown Alley and Ginuine on Friday 21st August at Trak Lounge Bar. Keep your eyes peeled on the release of his single Girlfriend and his debut album.


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