“When I was young, I loved Hi-5 and all I wanted was to be famous. Now, my main goal is to get my name out there and to just be known.”

18-year-old singer/songwriter, Kayla B is determined more than ever to break into the music industry. The songstress was crowned Youth Songwriter of the Year at the 2015 Australian Songwriting Contest as part of the Australian Songwriters Association for her song titled, Why. “Hearing your name being called out, it’s just surprising.”

Miss B also scored third, fifth and seventh places in the same category for her tracks, Flames, Superhero and Walk Through The Fire. It is said that the judging process is very intensive with at least 60 music industry professionals on the panel with three     rounds of judging. In total, 6 of her songs were placed in the Top 30.


A part time singing teacher at home, Kayla started singing at the age of eight. After losing a family member in a car accident, Kayla turned to songwriting at the age of 10 to deal with her loss.

Being 10, you don’t understand why someone is gone. Coping with my emotions, I wrote them onto paper, into song… it’s something that I love.”

The song is planned to be released on the tenth anniversary of her family member’s passing in honour of her memory.

Throughout her journey, Kayla progressed through life by writing her feelings down onto paper. She says that all her songs are based on life experiences of herself as well as those of her family and friends.

Her debut EP was released last year in celebration of her win at the Australian Songwriters Association awards. The EP features all tracks that placed, including two new ones that she said were written after the competition.


“These particular songs are close to my heart, that is what made songwriting so easy. They were words from myself.”

Her winning track, Why, is said to be on behalf of her friend who went through a very tough period.

“At that moment, my friend’s parents were going through a breakup. I wrote it on her behalf by getting into her shoes.”

“I write songs so quickly,” she said as the maximum time that Kayla writes a song is in two days. So quick, that she has written the best song yet, she says, after recently ending a relationship, (hello T-Swift!)

Her songwriting process includes mapping out chords and then singing a melody on top with no lyrics, and finishing it off with words.

With many artists looking up to musical heroes for influences, Kayla admits that she doesn’t have any as she owns to her originality and adds unique elements to her tracks.

Her powerful and honest voice is a major highlight throughout her EP as her big ballads are sure to leave you goosebumps when listening.

Since winning the competition, Kayla is now motivated to take it to the next level. This year, she aims to spread the word about her music and head out into the Melbourne live music scene.


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