As soon as I heard that this gig was coming to town, I made myself a promise that I would be in attendance. I saw Bloom, and supporting act Tempus Sun at the Melbourne Music Bank finale in October and I was immediately impressed by both acts. These two acts represent how exceptional the Melbourne music scene is.

I walked into the Bandroom at The Workers Club just in time for the beginning of Tempus Sun’s set. I was amazed. The Bandroom has quickly become one of my favourite live music venues across all of Melbourne, but I had never seen it so crowded. Full of family, friends and fans, it was a true testament to Tempus Sun and their passion and love for the music they play.

The band begun their set upbeat and energetic, the best way possible for this girl who was attending her first gig of 2017. I can only describe the song as a ‘summer kicker,’ which enabled them early on to engage with the audience and have their full attention the entire set.


With a mixture of upbeat and slower, heavier songs played throughout the set, lead singer Lucy was able to demonstrate her versatile vocals. Each lyric she sung had me entirely transfixed, as if I could feel every emotion she felt in that moment. ‘Stop’ showed us that her silky smooth vocals were able to be transformed into rock and roll.

Male lead Andrew was also fantastic. It was difficult to pick who he reminded me of, but they were definitely reminiscent of the likes of John Mayer and Jarryd James. Andrew and Lucy’s voices worked incredibly well together, with the entire banding meshing and playing the set of their lives, depicting just how much they love what their doing.

It was practically impossible to fault their set. ‘Owls,’ the song they won the Melbourne Music Bank with, was definitely the highlight of the night. Catchy but heartfelt, it is one of those songs that you just want to here on the radio.

After a short intermission, main act Bloom graced the stage with her presence. I saw her perform also at the Melbourne Music Bank Finale and she was nothing short of wonderful. I had noticed that the crowd had died down, but she was able to continue the engagement of those that were still there. It also made it far more comfortable in the room.

She begun her set smoothly which not only showed off her vocals but demonstrated who she is as an artist.


I appreciated that her set wasn’t predictable and admired her diverse tracks. I didn’t manage to catch the names of the majority of the songs; however, which was disappointing. In saying that, she has a mixture of slower-jazz tunes and upbeat folky tracks, which she performed on the night with ease. She often accompanied her vocals with either a piano or a guitar, as well as the rest of the band. This was an obvious highlight, as she interacted with her band better than I have seen any solo artist playing at The Workers Club do.

There is a reason why these two acts were the final two acts in the 2016 Melbourne Music Bank and I’m sure Melbourne (and hopefully beyond) will see more of what they have to offer.

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Written by Jordyn Hoekstra

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