Single Premiere: Visions – Daniel Elia

Premiering today through The Real Songwriters of Melbourne is the latest single from Melbourne underground rap artist, Daniel Elia.

Visions was created for a live performance that set Elia’s career on point.

“I was set to perform at Laundry Bar on September 7th at 11:30pm. I had only performed there three times beforehand. I was always put first to perform (at 9:30pm) … but this time it was special because I knew the venue was going to be packed.”

The song talks about Elia’s place in Melbourne City aka “Burn City,” the dark side of Melbourne. He tells RSOM that he escapes to Burn City to escape the suburbs, to live a better life and to find peace.

“Burn-City has always been the nickname for Mel-Bourne city. I guess it started in the streets among dancers and rappers. As we all know Melbourne is the most liveable city in the world. In this single, and my music, I wanted to convey the opposite. Melbourne does have this side to it, that we all don’t like. It’s the side of violence, drugs and suicides.”

No stranger to the music industry with a dance career behind him and touring with rap festival, Supafest, Elia’s inspiration from his music icons led him to pursue music. Visions follows recent singles, I Need Somebody and Fly Away as well as debut EP titled Who is E?  released in 2016.

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