RSOM Single Premiere: Glu by Zak Fleisher

The latest single from Perth born, Melbourne raised, singer/songwriter Zak Fleisher titled GLU is officially out now and we are so excited to be the first to tell everyone about it!

GLU is a part of a forthcoming body of work titled Retro Vulgar which Fleisher describes as a concept album that explores the stages of the modern day relationship.

The new single is the first phase of the concept album which explores the thought of being better in a relationship. Fleisher explains that he was thinking of his own personal relationship with his girlfriend and used it as his main focus when writing this song.

“There are times when you need to be the best you can be to people,” he explains. “You’re with someone and something happens in a relationship, for example, someone is dishonest and then people turn to club culture (drugs, sex and alcohol)…You see people go through it and they think that they can’t get out of it but they can.”

He explains that although the album does not have any connection to his personal life, he still wants this to be relatable to everyone.

Something to highlight about this track is the musicality as well as the lyrics. The musical interludes are just as valuable as Fleisher’s vocals over the instruments which he explained to RSOM as a huge focus during production. This in comparison to the last single, Decisive, has a lot more drive and country influence.

Fleisher mentions that since writing Decisive three years ago, he has grown apart from it and therefore decided to write something a bit more relevant to his current path.

Fleisher made the brave move to Melbourne from Perth almost a year ago after travelling in America for 8 months working at a summer camp. Before his big adventure, he was working as a full time musician in Perth trying to break it into the industry. The result ended up being that he was very discouraged from music due to the hardships he had faced.

“You’ve got to have a lot of luck come your way,” he admits. “The hardest part of it all is keeping your passion a passion. People think it is a luxury to have a passion as a job.”

“There was the motivation in Perth, the result was just frustrating… no results for effort.”

Reflecting on his time in Melbourne so far, he admits that the Melbourne music scene is just as tough as Perth. “There’s still some similiarities, it’s still tough to get people to come out to your gigs that aren’t your mates. It is very discouraging.”

However, he does admit that Melbourne musicians are much more friendly than Perth and that networking is a big plus in our community.  “Perth is more introverted, no one shares.”

Upon his move to Melbourne, he formed a band and together they collaborated, created and performed music together and are now part of his band today. Together they learnt about each other’s musical abilities and faced each other’s weaknesses as they played in various venues around town.

“I’m a 15 minute writer,” he explains. “You’ve got to be in the moment to do it.”

After releasing Decisive, he had sent the song to a few music critics who responded with negative feedback, saying that the song didn’t suit their taste. He reflected on that moment and how it discouraged him from continuing forward in his music. “What is everyone’s taste?”

“At the end of the day it hurts, and it hurts for everyone.” People measure their success of whether they’re being played on Triple J.

But at The Real Songwriters of Melbourne, we are giving this new track a big thumbs up. Yes to the musicality and yes to the lyrics! We would love for you to leave your feedback in the comment section below. Let us know what you think of Zak Fleisher’s latest track, ‘Glu.’


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