The beautiful Rya Park has just released her single Tokyo and we are so excited to catch up with her before she hits the Gaso stage next week. Rya Park is well known to our RSOM team as she was part of our Live shows a couple years ago just as she was starting out and now, look how far she has come!!

J: Well Rya, welcome back to RSOM. It’s been 2 years since we last saw you at the RSOM Live Show and since then you have released two singles and have sold out shows everywhere you go! 

R: I seriously can’t believe that it was 2 years ago! I remember this performance was the first time that I played solo for my original songs. I was so nervous but everyone in the room was so welcoming and supportive.

J: Tell us about your new single ‘Tokyo’. Awesome track for the warm weather soon to arrive!
R: Tokyo is about a person who I love and who went overseas for a long period of time. Saying goodbye to them was really hard as I’d just starting opening up to them and becoming super close to them. Anyway, I wrote the song while they were away to cope with the situation and finished it by the time they got back.

J: Your new single is more of a pop track than your sultry, soulful single, ‘Billy’. Is this the new sound for Rya Park?
R: I guess I’m heading in a more rock direction, but I’d never stray too far away from the soulful vibes in Billy. Tokyo definitely encapsulates a particular side of the music that I’m writing at the moment though you’re right! Don’t want to be too strict on myself in which particular direction I’m heading in, otherwise it can restrict you too much when you’re being creative.

J: What can we expect to hear in the next few months from Rya? Is there an EP in the works?
R: I’m releasing another single before the year is out. Super excited about what’s to come. No sign of an EP yet, but definitely more music to come next year!

J: Your single launch for Tokyo is coming up at the Gaso.
Are you excited to get back on stage?
R: I can’t wait. It’s been a while since I’ve played with the band and in front of this kind of audience. I’ve actually announced a second show as well which is super exciting. See you there!


Rya Park has just announced a SECOND show at The Gasometer on Sunday September 16 following her first launch is Thursday September 13 which is now SOLD OUT.

Tickets are still available for her second show here.

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