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For most year 12 students, getting through their studies is enough of a feat on it’s own. There may be a game of footy, or an occasional part-time job here or there, but for most students, the majority of the year is set in stone with a focus on completing SACs, tests and exams, and preparing for the following year.

For Melbourne-based singer-songwriter Amithest; however, year 12 is a balance of getting on top of her studies, and writing, recording and producing her music. More recently, on top of this, she is one of the four artists selected by the Real Songwriters of Melbourne team to perform at the next RSOM Live show, coming up in October, and also undergo a media campaign directed by the team leading up to this.

Whilst one can only imagine how much work this would be for her, there’s no one that we think is better for the job, having a hold of a successful balance of both worlds.

“Balancing music and school is hard, but I’m doing a few music subjects and artsy subjects. I usually give myself a bit of time before I go to bed or wind down to have a bit of a sing, or play guitar for a bit. I do a lot more on the weekends and on school holidays as well, as I’ve got more time.”

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Despite being in her final year of high school, Amithest is certain that music is what she is meant to be doing, and what she wants to do, despite not knowing if she wants to study it into next year. She admits she’s unsure if the formality of studying music is on her agenda as an artist.

“Music’s always been a part of me, it’s just who I am. I’ve been singing as long as I can remember, but I guess I started ‘professionally’, you could say, a few years ago now. I’d probably describe my sound as alternative, because it doesn’t particularly fall into anything else. Music is all of me, so I’m going to keep doing what I’m doing and making music.”

Music being such a big part of her identity, there is no doubt it’s obvious why she’s also an established songwriter. Amithest has been taking songwriting seriously for the last few years, after her music teacher helped her discover that she was writing without even realising. A bit of assistance from this teacher to help her structure her lyrics, and Amithest now has it all down pat.

“Usually my songwriting just comes out of nowhere. I often get inspired by the moment I’m in and then I’ll write some lyrics down on whatever I can- even toilet paper sometimes! If I’m giving myself time to write, it’s usually first thing in the morning, or it’ll be the last thing I do before I go to bed. I find these times the best to allow myself to get fully into the moment and then I’ll find myself quickly writing down as much as I can, or recording melodies that come to my head. It’s usually pretty spontaneous, and versatile.”

Amithest’s commitment to her songwriting and music has only proven to work out in her favour. Being inspired by the likes of Sia, who she believes ‘challenges the mainstream norm’, Amithest is currently working on a chaptered project on Soundcloud, collating her own recorded songs together in an overarching story for her fans to listen to.

“All the songs are based on personal experience, some based on mine, and some not. All the songs create the story of this young girl, the actual story is completely make-believe, but they’re based on those experiences. It’s supposed to capture the listener from a different angle, as each chapter has its own story. That was a strength of mine I discovered, and I had the passion I had for storytelling, so to be able to put it all together was awesome.

My favourite one is called ‘Clay’. It’s the fourth chapter of the project. It’s probably my favourite song at the moment.”

Amithest’s creativity and passion for her storytelling are reflected in her name, also. Chosen as a result of a connection she has to a certain crystal, she thinks it describes her fairly well.

“Amethyst is my favourite crystal, and the whole meaning behind it is what I like to encapsulate. So there was inspiration in that, and then I changed the spelling of it to an ‘i’ because it’s such a personal thing to do. I created for myself, and it describes myself.”

Looking forward to the night of the RSOM Live show and beyond, Amithest admits she has a lot on her plate, but her love for music is what keeps her connected to it, and her desire to make more of it is always growing.

“I’m so grateful for this opportunity and to be on board the Real Songwriters of Melbourne Live Show. I’ll be performing a few of the songs in my project on the night, as well as a few I haven’t performed yet, which is exciting.

“For the rest of the year, after the show, I just want to keep on doing what I’m doing, and just finish off the year, and doing the best I can during year 12. I’ve got the motivation to do as much as I can to do well there. After year 12, and next year, I just want to do what I can to keep putting myself out there and I’m going to do a lot more gigs as I’ve only done a few this year and hope to do some more.”

Amithest will be performing at the Real Songwriters of Melbourne Live Show, taking place on October 13 at Wick Studios, Brunswick. You can purchase tickets here

You can check out Amithest’s Soundcloud project and other works here

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Written by Jordyn Hoekstra

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