GIG REVIEW: Parkville, ft. Hannah Campbell The Toff in Town – 21 September 2018

Melbourne indie band, Parkville celebrated their fourth birthday with a performance nothing short of spectacular.

Hosted at The Toff in Town, a venue that I had never been too before, the band played to an eager number of adoring fans on Saturday night. I was quite reluctant at first walking up the flights of stairs, but I must say that I was pleasantly surprised at the sheer calibre of the venue.

Parkville’s birthday bash included a flawless set from Melbourne based artist Hannah Campbell. The indie-based artist has recently caught the eye of many Triple J Unearthed listeners and I quickly understood why. Playing a few of her original tunes, Hannah launched into her 2018 single release ‘Run Like Wolves’. I hadn’t listened to much of Hannah’s tracks before, so I was eager to check her out live. I was not disappointed with Hannah’s performance and all I can write to describe it is that she nailed this performance.

The atmosphere was quite unique, and I must say that I have never been to a gig like this before. Most of the crowd were getting into the birthday celebrations with lots of people wearing party hats, which contributed to the chilled but joyful vibe of the space. There was a certain level of excitement lingering in the air before the main headliners, Parkville came onto the stage.

As the lights dimmed, Parkville were welcomed onto the stage with a large amount of applause from the audience. Parkville launched into their first track ‘Shinning’, probably one of my favourite tracks from the band. ‘Shinning’ is one of their most popular tracks and you could hear a number of fans in the audience singing the track word by word. It was a really special moment to see how mesmerised a few of the audience members were and for such a small band they already have many adoring fans. The three-piece band launched into their next track ‘George’ that was filled with strong vocals and robust violin lines. Dylan Knur was simply sublime on the violin and was a true stand out for the night.

Clearly comfortable on the stage, the trio worked their charismatic magic by bantering on the stage and entertaining the crowd.

Next up was pop track ‘Brando’. The band jokingly spoke about how the track was criticised by one anonymous reviewer as unbelievably cheesy, a rather hilarious reaction was heard from the gathering crowd. The crowd really worked into quite the buzz by the end of the track with the audience eagerly singing and dancing, and I was left feeling that this track was one of the highlights of the set. The band room of The Toff felt that it was too small to contain the band’s sound at times.

The set started gathering steam as Liam gave short introduction into the next track describing it as the first songs the band had played together, it was a cover of ‘Hey Ya’ by OutKast. This cover was quite unique, the band created an indie track filled with strong instrumentals and soft ambient tones.

There was still more to come, as the band played a bunch of popular tracks such as ‘Wishes’. These tracks were filled with the indie pop sound the band are beginning to be known for. The band were playing to a buzzing crowd and by the end of the set people were out of there chairs dancing.

Sadly, the performance had to come to close. The band closed with instrumental track ‘Clearer’. Parkville left the audience happy with what they got but at the same time wanting more. This was a gig filled with constant banter between members, relaxing vibes and top tunes, and I now await to see what next year bring for this emerging Melbourne band.

You can check out all things Parkville via their Spotify, Soundcloud and Triple J Uneathered profiles, you can also check out the RSOM Spotify playlist!


Written by Allanah Sciberras

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