Introducing… Tyller

Tyller isn’t just your ordinary singer/songwriter from Melbourne. This 19-year-old balances song writing along with advocating for mental health.  

Creativity and music has always been a large part of Tyller’s life and childhood. She explains that she doesn’t recall a particular time where she started writing but she insists that it happened from a very young age.

“So, I’ve always loved singing but I was also super into creative writing. I really enjoyed writing short stories and character profiles, and also just writing down every little thing I was thinking or feeling. It gave me perspective.”

Tyller believes that she has always been an emotional writer, and at times her music can be quite loaded.

“I am inspired by absolutely everything I see, feel, hear and think. My best songs come from my strongest emotions, as I try to process them through my writing.”

Touching on the difficulties of her younger years, Tyller shares the lived experiences of mental health through her songwriting and insists that it is a great approach to get people talking about mental health. Closely analysing the lyrics of Tyller’s music, you can really understand the journey that this 19-year-old songwriter has been on.

“When I write songs I generally start with an idea or story. I write a bunch of words and thoughts on that particular topic in my little notebook, then I start turning them into lyrics by singing whatever comes to me over some chords. Other times I’ll just be out walking or something and a melody will come to me and I’ll write a song based on that.”

For her age, Tyller radiates maturity and this is evident through her music. Diving deep into her latest EP, ‘The Battle Inside’ we can momentarily jump into Tyller’s mind to what she was feeling just 14-years-old. While these tracks are quite loaded, they are jam packed with lines leaving you actively thinking about mental health.

“So ‘The Battle Inside’ EP started all the way back when I was 14 years old. I was in hospital recovering from an eating disorder when I began writing the title song ‘The Battle Inside (Fight)’ to process the conflicting thoughts and emotions in my head that I just couldn’t understand. It was about the battle inside my mind and it started off being all about how much pain I was in mentally and physically and how much I just wanted to give up. As it progressed it became more and more about how I wanted to fight the illness and live the life I was born for. I wrote the rest of the songs about a year afterwards and they all relate to ‘Fight’ as they were all part of the process of my recovery.”

Tyller explains that one of her songs in particular goes through her lived experience of mental health in quite detail.

“The first song I ever wrote was actually The Battle Inside (Fight) which is the title song of the first EP I released. I started writing this song when I was 14 years old to help me cope with and understand my mental-ness (haha). It helped me get out of that dark place in my mind and see my purpose and my reason for living.”

Tyller’s stories have received great feedback after the release of her debut EP. Last year saw Tyller win the 2017 Best Contemporary Pop/Dance Song  in the Australian Songwriters Association Songwriting Competition. She also took out an Honourable Mention at this year’s International Songwriting Competition where the young artist placed alongside Vera Blue, Amy Shark, Dean Lewis, Missy Higgins and more.

She continues to share her passion of mental health and music through her work as ambassador for mental health awareness association – Listen UP! This involves performing regularly at various events including R U OK? Day around Victoria.

Tyller is excited to be a part of The Real Songwriters of Melbourne sixth live showcase on October 13 at Wick Studios in Brunswick.

Media Release

“I am extremely excited! This is such an amazing opportunity and I am super keen to see Amithest, Arzenn and Louis play live! I will be bringing a whole lot of crazy, honest emotion to RSOM LIVE #6 so get ready!”

You can check out some of Tyller’s music and other works here

You can also purchase your own tickets to The Real Songwriters Live Show here

Written by Allanah Sciberras

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