Inside ‘In the Deep’ with Jade Alice

The Real Songwriters of Melbourne team were delighted to be able to sit down with long-time RSOM featuring artist Jade Alice as she discussed her new single ‘In the Deep’ in depth. Having won the Bank of Melbourne’s Melbourne Music Bank competition in 2015, and having recently graduated from a music composition course at VCA, Jade has come a long way. She is now a force to be reckoned with in the Melbourne music world, as she trials different methods of writing and production, creating awesome tracks along the way.

 A song she wrote whilst completing her university studies, ‘In the Deep’ is about infatuation, and Jade’s own imagination running wild.

“It’s those moments where you see someone, maybe on public transport or something, and you don’t know why, and you don’t know why, but you just keep looking at them. It doesn’t even have to be romantic, but you’re holding your gaze on them, and you don’t know anything about them. So, there’s so much room for imagination about what they might be like, or what it’s like to be in their shoes, and you just start imagining these things about them.”

Having completed her degree towards the end of last year, Jade admits that it’s taken her a while to release, and now that it’s out there, it is a relief for her. Despite this, she feels as if it’s a brand-new song, sharing it with the wider public for the first time, and receiving their feedback. Whilst it took a while to release, Jade now feels like it came out at the right time.

“When I was finishing (uni), I was focusing on writing so many different songs and figuring out a timeline. I had to work out the order of songs I wanted to put out, and how they should be timed. I thought ‘In the Deep’ would be a really good song for the summer. I also then had to get used to life away from uni, so it did take a while to get everything together for the release. Now I’m in a position where I’m ready to keep releasing things.”

Even though the release of the song took some time, the writing process was quite quick, which Jade says is unlike a lot of her other work. Often a perfectionist, and admitting to overly-critiquing her work, Jade put down the red pen and let the lyrics come out as they did.

“I stopped myself from crossing things out and kept it simple. I did it as an experiment to see what would happen if I wrote down what was in my head and didn’t make any changes to it. It’s more of a repetitive song, but in a way that’s rhythmic and serves to still be interesting. That’s what I was trying to achieve. It’s catchy, but you don’t get sick of the melody.”

Trying her hand at different elements of production, the process for ‘In the Deep’ was different from that of her previous single, ‘Heartbreak Club’, even though they were written around the same time. She uses the same block harmony for some consistency, “So that you can still hear the Jade Alice in it” but admits to putting her entire focus into whatever song she’s currently working on. As a result, she believes every song of hers has its own personality.

“This one is definitely more dance-based and upbeat than ‘Heartbreak Club’. It took a while, because I knew how I wanted it to sound in my head, but I’m still learning about production tools. I learnt a lot about it doing this song in terms of electronic elements. Whereas, I knew that a heavier, electronic production focus wasn’t going to work with ‘Heartbreak Club’. I don’t think about trying to make the songs too different, but I just think about the one I’m doing at the time and how the production should be. That probably results in them being different.”

Also, unlike ‘Heartbreak Club’, which came alongside an independently driven music video and single launch, ‘In the Deep’ has been released with a focus of getting it out there in the online world. Having found the release of ‘Heartbreak Club’ overwhelming, Jade has gone after the help of publicity this time, hoping to be able to see the difference in results from ‘Heartbreak Club’.

“This time round, I wanted to focus on putting the song out first and the once it was out, organise some gigs around it, and hopefully a music video.

I found this old camera that belonged to my Nonno, and I have this idea that I’d love to do with it, but it depends on if we can get it fixed and working.”


You can check out ‘In the Deep’ on Soundcloud at the link above, and  also Apple Music.


Written by Jordyn Hoekstra. 


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