Single Review- Mean, Zak Fleisher

Mean is the newest single from Perth born, Melbourne raised, singer/songwriter Zak Fleisher. Out Friday November 23, the team at the Real Songwriters of Melbourne were lucky enough to be able to take a first listen.

A far cry from the more strip-backed previous single GLU, Mean is heavier on the guitar, edgier, and even features an impressive saxophone piece. Despite this, Zak’s Alex Turner reminiscent vocals are prevalent as ever, with Zak himself describing the track along the lines of ‘the Arctic Monkeys cross Tame Impala’.


Musically, Mean is diverse, taking listeners on a journey beginning with the synthesiser, to drums, to big band, and then rounding it out, finishing off with the synthesiser. All the while, the listeners are able to gain insight into Zak’s feelings of frustration as he is placed in a situation where he is made to be the bad guy, despite this not being the case.

Mean is catchy, and will have you singing along to the chorus before the end of the first listen. You can check it out now on our Spotify playlist.



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Written by Jordyn Hoekstra

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