Single Review- Fire, Chelsea Lorraine

Fire is the newest single from Melbourne based singer/songwriter and indie-pop star Chelsea Lorraine. Released on December 26 2018. the team at the Real Songwriters of Melbourne were invited to take a listen, and we can’t get enough.

Chelsea likens Fire to the process of purifying gold, where the fire removes its impurities, using this as an analogy for “when you feel like you’re under attack and it feels like you’re in a raging fire, you can know that through that you are being refined.”

Fire final.jpg

Fire opens with an upbeat guitar, before listeners are treated to Chelsea’s smooth, yet controlled vocals. The chorus is strong and assertive; however, maintains the catchy and  simple line of the ‘Fire’, giving the readers the image of the purification Chelsea is referring to. 

Fire is powerful, yet will no doubt have listeners singing along, and possibly even belting it out, giving them an indication of what is to come from Chelsea’s upcoming EP I Won’t Settle.

You can can check out Fire now on our Spotify playlist.

You can check out more of Chelsea Lorraine on:
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Written by Jordyn Hoekstra 

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