EP Premier- I Won’t Settle, Chelsea Lorraine

The team at the Real Songwriters of Melbourne are proud to announce the release of Chelsea Lorraine’s debut EP I Won’t Settle. What Chelsea describes as a “long time coming”, the EP depicts the idea of not settling for less, and defeating fear and doubt, in order to pursue your dreams.

Chelsea likens the concept of the EP to having found her purpose in life, letting the world know that she won’t settle, and that she won’t be defeated by setbacks, encouraging listeners to find that same sense of fulfillment and purpose.

Describing herself as an indie pop artist, Chelsea hopes that she’s “crafted a sound that is unique to me, but it is obviously heavily influenced by artists that I love such as Regina Spektor, Kate Miller-Heidke, and Joni Mitchell”.

I Won’t Settle, which was recorded at Studio Truth in Melbourne and produced by Curtis J Hutton, features five tracks, opening with Fire, and closing out with Unsettled. You can check out our review of Fire here.

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a song that Chelsea hadn’t even finished writing when she began recording the EP, is perfectly fitting as the final track. As Chelsea explains “it really sums up everything I’m wanting to say”. Her aim was to challenge the notion of being unsettled with negativity and suggest that perhaps it’s okay to feel this way and embrace it, rather than push it away. Chelsea also alludes to being cautious in sharing your dreams to the world before you achieve them, to avoid others cutting them down or holding you back, all the while telling her audience not to listen to their criticism.

The release of I Won’t Settle comes after what Chelsea can only describe as a “labour of love”. Admitting she feels as if she’s agonised over all of its elements, it has been a long process for Chelsea. Listeners can expect a unique blend of powerful vocals and piano, with fun guitar riffs and harmonisations. Mostly; however, Chelsea endeavours for her audience to be inspired to achieve their dreams and goals and not hold back from doing so.

I Won’t Settle is a reminder to keep going after your dreams and not to settle because of fear, but to stay focused, keep your thoughts in check, and know that you have something wonderful and unique to offer the world,” she says.

I Won’t Settle is available now on iTunesSpotify and Bandcamp.

You can check out more of Chelsea Lorraine on:
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Written by Jordyn Hoekstra 

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