Single release- #800080 (Purple), IV Danté

He’s been referred to as “one of Australia’s brightest up and coming performers,” so when the RSOM team caught news that IV Danté was releasing a brand new single, with an accompanying music video, we just had to check it out.

Danté explains that the concept of Purple came from a past relationship and summed up the meaning of the song. Later in the production of the track, Danté, who is no stranger to using symbolic references (‘IV Dante’ is pronounced for ‘For Danté’), decided to release the title of the track under purple’s colour code, #800080.

Coming to him in a time where he needed an emotional release, Danté says that this song was one of the quickest he has written, with the first write being almost identical to the final release. He admits it’s also one of the rawest songs he has written lyrically, but is also one that is fun to play live. “The song basically shows a turning period in my life,” he tells the Real Songwriters of Melbourne.

Putting it all out there on the line for his listeners, Danté says there are a few lines in the song that connect to him the most. Two of his favourite lines are “you’re alone, hoping I’ll come to your door”, and “now I’m alone, loving you and wanting more”. He believes these two particular lines sum up the entirety of the song and his overall feelings during the writing process.

Despite the heavy emotion in the lyrics, Danté and his band have created an upbeat pop-rock track, with a fun instrumental that will make you want to dance along and maybe even softly head-bang. The song progressively becomes more rock-influenced as it goes along.

As with his previous single, the release of #800080 (Purple) comes with an incredible accompanying music video. The video is relatively simple in concept, but artistic and well-fitting in execution, a video you’d expect to have found in the 80s. Featuring lots of colour, a key aspect of the video is, as you can imagine, purple.

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Written by Jordyn Hoekstra 

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