EP Review: Magpie & The Moon, Dee Wire

Somewhat of a Melbourne newcomer, Adam Dwyer, known professionally as Dee Wire, is giving the music industry a second go. He’s recently released his debut EP, Magpie and the Moon and we welcome newcomer Adam Dwyer to The Real Songwriters of Melbourne.

We wanted to give you an insight to Adam’s background before we start discussing the EP. Originally from Sydney, Adam moved to Melbourne around two years ago. This came after a hiatus from the music industry, which saw him residing in Albury, in southern New South Wales.

It was on his return to the music scene that Adam moved to Melbourne. In 2016, he was approached by producer Dan Frizza via his Triple J Unearthed profile, leading to him working with Dan on the production of the EP. The EP, which was recorded in Sydney, features session drummer Billy O’Key on the drums, with Dan assisting in electric guitar, bass and synth.

Since recording the EP, Adam has formed a Melbourne-based band. And if you like the EP as much as we do, you may be able to catch Dee Wire and the Modern age live in Melbourne throughout 2019.

The EP, released back in February, features five tracks- Catch Them With Our Eyes, We’re On The Run, Wonderlust, Good Morning Mr Pie and Moonfrog. Each of the tracks are unique in their own rights; however, there is no doubt that the entire EP is influenced by what Adam refers to as “60s greats”, such as The Beatles and Brian Wilson.

The EP opens with ‘Catch Them With Our Eyes’, and I remember on first listen almost instantly thinking “The Beatles”. The song starts with a piano melody, which drives the entire track, and even in the introduction of the rest of the instrumental, the listener is transported back to the 1960s. The next track, ‘We’re On The Run,’ despite having an omniscient and adventurous song title, starts off with a particularly fun drum beat. The song is fairly easy listening, and rather catchy, maintaining a consistent tempo through the track.

The middle track, ‘Wonderlust‘, is rather mystical in nature. Between that and its successor, ‘Good Morning Mr Pie’, the listener can all but conclude that this EP is one for the 60s. The EP closes out with ‘Moonfrog’, a track slower in tempo. ‘Moonfrog’ is a reflective track that almost encourages the listener to wind out and think about the musical journey they have been on.

If you love the EP as much as we do, Dee Wire and the Modern age will be playing at the Grace Darling Hotel on April 25. You can find more info here.

You can check out more of Adam Dwyer/Dee Wire and the Modern on:
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Written by Jordyn Hoekstra 

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