With a stellar career already behind him and with over 300 recorded works, it is no doubt that Michael Butera shows experience, dedication and passion. Emerging into the Melbourne music scene in late 2018 following huge success overseas, his latest single, The Green Garden is a celebration of a new chapter in his career as he determines to make a mark in the spotlight.

Finding fame overseas, Michael Butera moved abroad to North America in 2010 where he entered the dance music scene in Canada and the United States. His debut single, Not Over Yet charted Number 12 at Toronto LGBTQ+ dance radio station, PRIDE FM in 2011 and was playing at clubs, hotels, shopping centres worldwide.

Living the musician dream Michael lived and breathed music as he spent the next six years networking, recording and performing. His career highlight to date was befriending brother of world icon Celine Dion, Jacques Dion as together, they translated two of Michael’s songs into French titled Please Go and L’amour vit. The songs were later performed by popular Canadian folk duo ‘Jacques & Geneviève’ on their album “Nouveau départ!”

Upon moving back to Melbourne in 2016, Michael felt that he needed a change and that coming home to Melbourne signalled the end of his music career. After pursuing a “real” job, he soon after realised that something was missing and that working a normal nine-to-five job wasn’t enough to fulfill his happiness. After seeing a post on Facebook for auditions at an amateur theatre company, Michael landed the role of “Lonny” – the quirky narrator in musical, ‘Rock of Ages’ .

This performance was not only the first performance since his return from Canada but his first in a completely new genre. The show was a success as Michael scored a nomination for ‘Best Male Performer in a Leading Role’ at the Guild Awards. It was at that moment that he decided to completely return to music.

Fast forward to 2020 and Michael is celebrating his new release ‘The Green Garden.’ A special milestone for the singer/songwriter, the single is unlike any of his previous repertoire as it boasts cinematic sounds. The song is inspired by his overseas travels as it talks about his sense and love for adventure.

“This single feels like my debut. It feels like I’m back at the beginning, it’s refreshing. I’m home.”

The single is a celebration of Michael’s hard work as he revealed that he has dedicated his time to make new connections in the Melbourne music industry to share this music. He praises isolation as an opportunity for artists to use this time productively to make those connections.

“I don’t want to change anything about this single. No one works harder than you.”

You can check out ‘The Green Garden’ on all major digital streaming platforms including our RSO-LATION Spotify playlist. It was a pleasure welcoming to the RSOM Community and we look forward for what is next to come.

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