We at RSOM are really excited to have RARIA as a part of the Real Songwriters Community. Following her debut single, ‘Will You Tell Your Girlfriend?’ which skyrocketed to over 100,000 streams on Spotify, we ask RARIA the juicy questions about her next single, ‘Break Up With Her.’

Congratulations on your new single, “Break Up With Her.” The question that will definitely be on everyone’s lips is who is this song about? Could this be the same boy that you talk about in your debut single, ‘Will You Tell Your Girlfriend?’

“Thank you so much!!! I was so excited for this track to release! I’ve been holding onto it for sooooo long now and it’s finally out YAY. This song is actually about an ex of mine! Bit cheeky of me to do, but I guess these thoughts popped into my mind when he moved on to someone new so I obviously had to write a song about how I was feeling at the time!”

This song is more of a laidback track than your last single. Could you tell us how this song came together? 

“BUWH came about a few months ago! I wanted to write a new song with my producer and he had this idea in mind, he sent me a couple of demos and I fell in LOVEEEE straight away with all of his ideas for it. So we worked on it until in our eyes it was perfect and then BAM it’s here!”

Talking about heartbreak can be quite vulnerable but would also be a big healing process for you. How has talking about your past relationships through your music helped you grow as a person?

“Talking about heartbreak is a very touchy subject to some but i feel as though we all go through it and it’s just part of life i guess. So instead of me dwelling over the past and overthinking about ‘what could of been’ or ‘why did it end?’ I choose to just throw all of my thoughts into songs and it honestly is the best therapy and closure. It’s helped me grow enormously and i’m a better/stronger person since i started writing music.”

The lyric video takes us back to the good old days where we had our Motorola flip phones and MSN accounts. What was the concept behind creating the video?

“I remember going for a walk and listening to the final master of the song and just imagining what the video would look like and I saw lots of pink and blue colours and I saw items I used to use when i was a kid. I also remembered sending a text to my ex ages ago and it didn’t deliver, so I thought that idea could be a cool single cover! Then with the help of my incredibly talented friend/videographer/photographer Nathan Smart he helped me make all my visions come to life. Recording the video made me feel like I was 16 again, sad and heartbroken over my high school crush.”

RARIA – Break Up With Her Official Video – Directed by OOMPH MEDIA!

What are your go-to lockdown tips for being physically and mentally active?

“Honestly I have been so lazy during this lockdown. I am the worst person to ask for physical tips because I am currently the worlds BIGGGGGEST potato! BUT mentally.. going for walks helps so much. Get up and chuck on some good music to start your day, it gets your head in the right place!” 

What are you going to spill next? What can we expect for future RARIA tracks?

“You can expect lots of juicy stories about boys, people that have f***ed me over and lots of heartbreak! I’m not holding back one bit with my next releases and the subjects they are about hehe.”

You can view RARIA’s new single, ‘Break Up With Her’ on our RSO-LATION Spotify playlist now and other digital streaming platforms and you can check her out on all social media platforms.


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