Free spirited, bold and honest.
That is how you describe the sounds of Maja.

Today we bring you the exclusive preview of Maja’s new single, ‘Mother’s Daughter’ before it’s release tomorrow. The song is an ode to ease the feeling of loneliness which many can say are feeling during this auspicious time.

The song was written about Maja’s solo move to the big city of Melbourne from Bris-vegas. Throughout her time, Maja grew to realise that home is not a physical place, but what you feel from within.

“You’re a fish out of water. You’re your mother’s daughter.” These lyrics are a connection to her family, to remind not just herself, but everybody, that we are not alone.

“I think self confidence is really being ok in yourself. I remember being 24 and really wanting to be someone else. I remember someone saying, “Why do you so desperately want to be like this other girl?” I couldn’t really say, “Because I’m not okay with me.” Now that I look back at the age of 27, I don’t need to be anyone else now. I had to let go of these pinnacles that I had tried to achieve … but what I really needed to know was that I was enough.

From poem to song, Maja tells The Real Songwriters of Melbourne that she learned to not be a perfectionist with her words as the song was a major healing process to overcome her feeling of loneliness in her new home.

Music is everything to me though.. I know that’s such a cliche statement but even if I’m not writing it, listening to it helps me heal. There are so many songs I have for different emotions. And it’s one of the first art-forms we invented, you know when cave-people learnt that they could bang some rocks together, and you could create a sound, pattern or rhythm – and it was really the most immediate form of connection. That’s what I love about music – it’s the most immediate form of connection.”

Maja will be celebrating the new release with a Facebook Live show on Saturday 17th October. She will be joined by singer/songwriter Kate Lucetta and Maja will also be revealing new poetry which we recommmend you do not miss.


Congratulations once again to Maja on a beautiful song.

Mother’s Daughter will be available on all streaming platforms everywhere tomorrow (Friday 9th October).


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  1. The Voice, the narrative, the naked story, the honesty, raw emotions, “you’re on your own, you’re away from home”. 💔
    Gorgeous Cello, the voice stands alone.
    Amazing song with underlying hints of optimism🔥 leaving itself open (maybe) for a ‘Mother’s Daughter’ PT 2✨✨
    Great to hear Maja Again.

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