The Real Songwriters of Melbourne are excited to premiere the new single from pop/RNB songwriter VIA.

A letter to a past love, ‘Need From You’ is a monologue that speaks of liberation and self-love as VIA says goodbye to a relationship.

The acoustic guitar gives the ability for VIA’s vocals to freestyle her thoughts and feelings into song as it brings nostalgic memories of classic breakup songs from the 2000’s.

“I wrote ‘Need From You’ when I was just starting to realise that I didn’t want to be in my relationship anymore… This concept of someone being what you want but not what you need is a huge theme throughout this song…It’s about not trying to work at something that’s only hurting you, and knowing when it’s right to walk away. I think those are themes that everyone can relate to at some point in their life.”

‘Need From You’ is the latest addition to our RSO-LATION Spotify playlist.
Listen to the new single now.

This single follows her 2018 debut ‘Breathe Again’ which features electronic-soul artist Hui. She tells RSOM that since the release of her debut, she has found a love for RNB music and this has helped her redefine her sound as an artist. She calls upon American singer/songwriter H.E.R. as her biggest influence towards her storytelling and lyric-writing as well as legend, J. Cole.

“When I first started writing, my sound was very pop ballad. That was always where my music went naturally…Even though my music has started to go down an RnB path, I never stray too far from my roots. Those ballad themes are still underlying in all of my music, and it’s been really cool to keep that part of my songwriting with me. So right now I think I’m in the process of building a blend between the two sounds into something a little more me.”

VIA praises the second round of lockdown as a time to refresh, “get back down to basics,” and enjoy the songwriting process. 2021 looks to be an exciting year for this young artist as she is in the process of completing her debut EP.


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