To celebrate the colourful new EP ‘pink and blue’, special guest writer Abbey Stone messaged Jade Alice to chat all about her latest release.

Q. Congratulations on the release of your brand new EP “pink and blue” with Lucian! This isn’t the first time you have released a collaborative project. Can you explain what the process is like when creating and releasing a collaborative EP?

A. Thank you! I have really fallen in love with collaborating over the past few years, which is funny because in truth I used to be terrified of it! I used to be in my own little bubble doing everything myself, but as soon as I let another person in I discovered how awesome it is to combine strengths with other artists and share the whole experience together. The collaborative process is different every time, it’s a bit like speed dating and having to open up very quickly – but you can definitely tell when there’s chemistry and the creation just flows! 

Q. You have an impressively extensive catalogue of music that ranges from punch folk-pop songs like Kick-Drum to sweaty, euphoric party anthems like Intoxicating. What songs would we hear if we put a private playlist of yours on shuffle? 

A: I think this playlist would be a very eclectic mix of songs, and that probably shows in my releases, I love so many different styles! I would have to throw in some Scandinavian pop favourites – ‘Exist For Love’ Aurora, ‘Fade Away’ Susanne Sundfor, ‘SOS’ and ‘Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!’ ABBA. Some melancholy pop ‘Video Games’ Lana Del Rey, ‘Hostage’ Billie Eilish, ‘Goodnight’ Lennon Stella and ‘Gimme’ Banks. I listen to a lot of older classics like ‘God Only Knows’ and ‘Don’t Worry Baby’ The Beach Boys, ‘Everywhere’ Fleetwood Mac, ‘Can’t Take My Eyes Off You’ Frankie Valli & the Four Seasons, ‘Stay On These Roads’ a-ha. Also ‘Sunflower, vol.6’ Harry Styles and ‘Invisible String’ Taylor Swift. 

Video Clip for ‘wendy’ – Lucian x Jade Alice

Q. You have stayed productive during lockdown! How have you adapted as a musician during a pandemic and is there anything you have learned during this time that you will continue post COVID?’

A. I have tried to! I think people have responded in different ways, and there is no right or wrong to how we cope with such a rare situation. I feel better when I keep busy, and I wanted to use this time I was given in the best way I could. That’s what I have learned from this, that time is the most precious gift and that we should prioritise doing the things we love and not put them off – like saving happiness for later when you have time or when you have achieved something.   

Q. What was the concept behind “pink and blue” and how did you and Lucian find one another?

A. We wanted to create this lo-fi nostalgic blend combing the style of old 60s love songs with more modern beats and production. To me it feels light and fun, and when I listen to the songs I think of pastel colours, pinks and blues. There’s something about writing in old styles that feels authentic to me, like I belonged in a different time. Interestingly this was the first time I took an approach where I wrote the title of each song first, and went backwards from there. Lucian and I found each other on Soundcloud a few years ago! 

Stream ‘pink and blue’ – the latest EP from Jade Alice on Spotify now.

Q. We take it you enjoy collaborating! We have to ask; who is your dream collaborator?

A. Oh such a difficult question! Maybe Max Martin, he is a genius. 

Q. 2020 seems to have been a great year for you artistically! Is it time for a break or is the fire still burning? 

A. It may be time for a break from collaboration releases, although I love them so much! I’d like to take some time to focus on my solo project and what the future of that looks like. Definitely time for a little break when we can get out and do things and live! So I can have new stories to write about! 


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