Carda has hit new heights in celebration of his new single ‘Sacrifices’ featuring singer/songwriter Jordan Powers. The Melbourne based producer chats with RSOM as he celebrates 20,000 streams on Spotify in just one month of its release.

Check out our Q&A below.

Q. Congratulations on such a huge release! You worked with some incredible collaborators on this track, namely Ryan Riback (“Call On Me” – Starley), Jintae Ko (OneRepublic, Bea Miller), Tony Ferrari (FELIX SANDMAN, Bella Thorne), and powerhouse songwriter and vocalist, Jordan Powers. How did you develop a cross-continental relationship with this team? 

A: Thank you so much! The relationship started when I reached out to Ryan to collaborate and work on a new project. I knew he was from Melbourne and noticed the huge success on his ‘Call On Me’ remix so thought he’d be a great person to connect with. He was super willing to have a session and it was in that session where he showed me the initial demo of ‘Sacrifices’. He had the session in LA with Jintae, Tony and Jordan but they had never finished the production and needed a new direction. I got the production to a place which I thought best fit the song and the team were really on board with the direction, I guess the rest is history! 

Q. What is the number one thing that you value or look for when it comes to creating music with different artists? 

A: I think it’s important to understand the strengths in which everyone can bring to a song and work with that. Every artist, songwriter and producer have a different method in how they go about things so I think once that is understood and everyone is on the same page, the song can really start to take shape. Songwriters that can offer melodies and shape a concept is a big one for me. It’s also super important to understand who the song is for and the end goal to stay on track and maintain a vision for the project.  

Q. Can you explain the process of creating music with international collaborators and what kind of challenges you faced, if any?

A: It tends to be a slower process and patience is definitely required. Time zones are something you need to work through and be open to having late/early sessions. It’s also challenging not feeling the emotion of people in the same room to understand how everyone is feeling on the vibe of the song. Having trust and being honest with everyone involved I found is vital in overcoming these situations. 

Lyric Video ‘Sacrifices’ – Carda feat Jordan Powers

Q. ‘Sacrifices’ takes us through the relatable and alienating feeling a one sided relationship where one person feels like the others’ “plan b”. Was this experience shared by you all or was this a personal concept you decided to write about?

A: The concept of ‘making sacrifices’ came from Jordan. She explained to me that she was on the treadmill at gym where the idea just came to her of “10:26 think you went missing”…”making sacrifices”. The full story is actually explained in an episode with Jordan from my podcast ‘Coffee With Carda’. We explained the entire songwriting process and initial session when the song was written. 

Q. What is next for Carda? What are your goals moving forward?

A: I’ve got some really exciting collaborations coming up with some amazing artists. I’m looking to also release an EP and have some higher profile feature artists on my upcoming singles. I don’t have any specific goals moving forward, I’m aiming to continually shape the carda sound, grow my fanbase and monthly listeners on all streaming platforms. 


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