Exclusive to The Real Songwriters of Melbourne, we are giving you a preview of the brand new single from pop/RNB heartthrob JXCKY titled ‘What’s So Good About Brandon?’

What’s So Good About Brandon?’
Produced by Stuart Le Brander (SB90).
Vocals and lyrics by JXCKY.

The first question that everybody will want to know the answer to is, “Who is Brandon?”

“I was told there was an ex-boyfriend-turned-best friend, but turns out they were romantically involved the whole time! I started to second-guess every single moment they hung out as ‘friends’ and he also shares the same ethnicity. You can imagine why anyone would go crazy over that!”

What was seen as something genuine and forever became toxic and temporary as the song delves into the guy who did him wrong. Lies, deceit and constant comparison between JXCKY and Brandon became the theme of the relationship and the birth of the single.

Written during lockdown, this song was inspired by the catchy break-up pop track, ‘I Want My Money Back’ by online sensation Tiffany Day. Recorded in his parents’ closet, the song features synth-pop beats accompanied by a soulful keyboard as we see JXCKY heading towards his newfound sound of dark pop/RnB.

“I kept asking myself, “What is SO good about Brandon that he would be picked over me?” That’s when the title clicked! Entering the first lockdown, all the scathing, shady lines came out of me… but I was also well aware that if I were to release this, I had to take responsibility in the song for my wrongdoings.”

‘What’s So Good About Brandon?’ – Single Artwork. Photos by Justin Hwang.

The song was produced by SB90’s Stuart Le Brander with help from friend and singer/songwriter Julianne Sacris who arranged the backing vocals. The single follows his first release since his rebrand, ‘Lockdown Lover’ which was accompanied by a self-made video clip of the new couple formed during lockdown.

JXCKY reveals 2021 to be an exciting year as he has been busy writing and recording songs in his bedroom. Next year will also see a release of new singles as well as a forthcoming EP which is said to be a result of his new material as he builds his new sound.

When asked if he had anyone else in particular that he’d like to highlight as a contributor to the song, he forgot to mention the most important person who inspired this song.

“Oh, how could I forget – the guy this song is about! Because of you, I have a summer break-up bop! Cheers!”

‘What’s So Good About Brandon?’ will be available worldwide on Friday 27th November.


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