Christmas is a time of the year where we come together with our families and loved ones to celebrate the year that was. As borders have finally opened up in Victoria, many individuals stranded around the country will now be able to travel home and reunite with their families this Christmas.

For Canberra born, now Melbourne based singer/songwriter Laura Ingram, her wish to reunite with her family became the pinnacle for her brand new single, ‘Home for Christmas.’

Laura’s soulful vocals accompanied by soft keys in the background truly bring out the passion as she longs to see her family. The song evokes beautiful imagery as she recounts her family Christmas. With, fresh cherries and wine, bright blue skies and bad jokes,” these lyrics instantly brings memories of our own Christmas celebrations. Not to mention, there are many who can relate to an Aussie Christmas with “warm summer swims,” peeled prawns and champagne.

The single was also inspired by Christmas classic ‘Driving Home for Christmas’ by English singer/songwriter Chris Rea as Laura tells RSOM that this song holds a special place with her Dad and late grandmother.

“I love when a song hits peoples hearts and I wanted to write a song that makes people cry. It’s the ultimate win as a songwriter.

Laura Ingram

Following the release of single ‘Valentine’s Day‘ in February, Laura was in the middle of a national tour when lockdown restrictions forced her to cancel all shows and return back to Melbourne. Since then, Laura has been working creatively in many other ways as she is mentoring students in vocal training and songwriting through her business Ingram Studios. She also recorded a live visual album titled ‘Iso-Sessions’ which saw her pay homage to the likes of soul legends Stevie Wonder and Kate Bush.

“I think lockdown really challenged a lot of performers because we are a bit addicted to being in the spotlight. When the spotlight goes out you really start to value what’s truly important, which is human connection. I really wanted to celebrate that feeling of longing, hope for the future and express how much I value the people I love.

Someday We’ll All Be Free – Donny Hathaway. Performed by Laura Ingram as part of her Iso Sessions visual album.

The single is accompanied by B side, ‘Christmas Eve in Home’ which shows a serious yet light hearted side to ‘Home for Christmas’. Laura says that this song was inspired by children and their young outlook on life and reminds us all to not get lost in the craziness of the world.

Both tracks were recorded at Aviary Studios by multi-award winning producer Nick Edin (Gretta Ray, Matt Joe Glow). Accompanying Laura in these tracks are music legends Kumar Shome (Sampa the Great) on guitar, Daniel Brates on drums and James Bowers on Rhodes.

To celebrate the release, Laura will be live streaming an intimate concert from her studio apartment this Friday 11th December. Expect to see lots of Christmas cheer as Laura invites you into her home performing her originals and some Christmas classics. She is also very excited to be returning home to Canberra this Christmas where she will reunite with not just her family, but the stage.

“I’m looking forward to seeing how much we’ve all changed this year and getting a big group old hug! No family is perfect and that’s what makes it entertaining!



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