“To create a community of musicians and music lovers alike who together support, celebrate and develop the emerging songwriters of the Melbourne music industry.”

We invite you to join the #RSOMCOMMUNITY

The Real Songwriters of Melbourne is a space for both songwriters and music lovers to come together to celebrate and support each other. No matter age, genre or experience level, we invite any songwriter in a solo or group project to be part of our community.

The Real Songwriters of Melbourne was established in 2014 by seasoned performer and media graduate Jena Marino. The brand was born from a passion to help emerging songwriters in the Melbourne music scene enter the spotlight with a chance to share their music to a new and wider audience. Since the beginning, RSOM has shared numerous stories of budding Melbourne artists and their music and has provided many pathways for these artists to flourish including interviews, live performance opportunities, media campaigns, networking nights and more and has had the pleasure of seeing many of Melbourne’s finest talent develop including Rya Park, Essie Holt, Emilia, NYUON and more.

RSOM has always been an active member of the Melbourne music community and continues to help and support other music initiatives including Music Victoria so that we can all work together to provide opportunity and accessibility in the Melbourne music scene.

Following the COVID-19 pandemic, RSOM returned to the forefront by providing a platform on Instagram with the return of RSOM Live on Instagram. Bringing together songwriters and music lovers in a time that is very uncertain, RSOM Live has brought performers and punters alike to pledge their support for Melbourne live music. Together, the brand is very proud to host the #RSOMCOMMUNITY and we look forward to continuing to nurture and develop the emerging artists of our community.


26-year-old entrepreneur Jena Marino has years of experience in the music industry behind her as she has been a performer since the age of 7. Her career has seen her perform around Victoria, the East Coast and also in London and Los Angeles. With a Bachelor of Journalism and Diploma of Music Performance (Vocals) under her belt, Jena’s career path and leadership experience in various roles has helped her develop The Real Songwriters of Melbourne, a music business derived from her passion for helping songwriters in the Melbourne music scene. Her extensive knowledge of the music industry, media and business has helped shape R-po8SOM to where it is today. Currently studying a Graduate Diploma of Business (Arts and Cultural Management), Jena is always wanting to further her knowledge and skillset so that she can continue to provide opportunity and accessibility.

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