“To create a community of musicians and music lovers alike who together support, celebrate and develop the emerging songwriters of the Melbourne music industry.”

We invite you to join the #RSOMCOMMUNITY 

The Real Songwriters of Melbourne (RSOM) is a space for both songwriters and music lovers to come together to celebrate, support and develop the emerging songwriters of Melbourne. No matter age, genre or experience level, RSOM invites all songwriters to be part of its community. The Real Songwriters of Melbourne was established in 2014 by performer and media professional Jena Marino. The idea was born from a passion to help emerging songwriters in the Melbourne music scene to enter the spotlight and to share their music to a new and wider audience.
Since the beginning, RSOM has provided many pathways for artists to flourish including interviews, live performance opportunities (RSOM Live), media and release campaigns and networking nights. Throughout its time, it has had the pleasure of working with many of Melbourne’s finest songwriters throughout their developing stages including Abbey Stone, Rya Park, Essie Holt, Emilia, and NYUON.
Following the detrimental effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on the live music industry and the implementation of lockdown restrictions, RSOM returned to the forefront by adapting their most popular RSOM Live series to social media platform Instagram. The weekly series invites songwriters to participate in a live chat with Jena to share their story as well as a chance to perform live to an audience. RSOM has also adapted their popular Networking Nights to an online format in order to provide the opportunity for songwriters to connect with the community.
These events have involved representatives from the Australian contemporary music sector who have provided expert knowledge. They include Sarah Hamilton (Ditto Music), Ash Bartlett (Music Victoria), Michael Parisi (The Right Path) and Ali Taylor (Listen Up Music). It has also given many songwriters the opportunity to learn, connect and grow during isolation in a time when social contact and live music has been significantly affected.
As the industry rebuilds, RSOM continues to be a leader in supporting the emerging songwriters of Melbourne.

The Real Songwriters of Melbourne are PR professionals that provide a platform for new and emerging songwriters from Melbourne. Led by media specialist Jena Marino, they have come to the forefront during the COVID-19 Pandemic by presenting RSOM Live on Instagram, bringing together songwriters and music lovers in a time when community is of utmost importance.” – Music Victoria

“I have worked with Jena for a number of years since the development of its program and have been impressed by her dedication to supporting the arts through her impressive solo contribution. From performing at one of the first RSOM Live gigs, to having Jena help with PR and marketing for my first EP release, to seeing RSOM flourish into having consistently sold out showcase nights, industry networking sessions and successful PR launches in the artists she supports.” – Miss Emilia

“We are humbled to be able to work with someone who genuinely cares about the development of artists and who equally, has the skill set to create opportunities for those artists, assisting them in the growth of their projects and giving them a platform to share their creative vision and art form with an inbuilt and engaged community.” – Anthony and Christina, Cartel Management.


With years of experience in the music sector, Jena is first and foremost a performer. Her career has taken her around Australia in the corporate music scene with stints in Los Angeles and London, both performing and recording.

Her versatility as a performer has always been recognised as a strength as she has performed in many outfits including bands, trios, choirs and duos. A career highlight is performing on stage at Disneyland Anaheim in 2012 as a part of a youth community music workshop.

With a Bachelor of Journalism and Diploma of Music Performance (Vocals), Jena’s expansive skill set, combined with a passion for music and developing the emerging songwriters of the Melbourne music industry created the concept for The Real Songwriters of Melbourne. Currently studying a Graduate Diploma of Business (Arts and Cultural Management) at Deakin University, her determination and perseverance to assist the emerging songwriters of Melbourne is always at the forefront in everything she does. She has been acknowledged by many songwriters and industry representatives as nurturing, welcoming and approachable.

Jena is proud to be a part of the development of many Melbourne emerging songwriters through RSOM and to create a safe space for everyone to be a part of the RSOM Community. As a female-led independent business, she is also proud to have fostered many relationships with female creatives in editorial, media, public relations and art in order to develop their portfolios for the workforce

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