We recently chatted to India Jade about her musical journey as well as all the ins and outs of her upcoming self-titled EP due for release very soon!

Born in Gippsland, 19-year-old India Jade moved to the eastern suburbs of Camberwell where even without much of a musical influence around her, still managed to make music a part of her life.

I think my life would have been so different if I lived in the country my entire life, she said.

3 She said that she “fell into music as performing in front of family and friends was what she loved.

There was something so magical about watching people perform.

India joined the David Jaanz School of Singing at a young age that created many performance opportunities. She says that it is her “most favourite place in the world,” and is still attending the school, not only as a student but also a teacher.

At the tender age of only 16, India was chosen as a solo act for the Victorian State School Spectacular, which she said was a major highlight of her career.

India has just recently been signed by Titus Day from 6 Degrees Management. She is continuing to develop her brand as she stated that her EP is like a journal that highlights different phases of her life.

My goal was to create a fun, upbeat record that takes the listener on a crazy ride through the ups and downs of love and life as Ive experienced it.

A huge work in progress, India said that the EP contains songs that she wrote when she was only 15 years old. “I didn’t want to see them go on the back burner, she said.

Written in collaboration with James Rocher whom India describes as a “prolific writer, in so many more ways than one,” the songwriting process opened her eyes to the music world and her future as an artist.

Lyrics are definitely my strength in songwriting and often an entire song will take form purely from a random lyric idea, she said.

Real Thing a song featured on the upcoming self-titled EP, is described as one of her personal songs, however, India assures that listeners can also relate to the song as well.


Love is a universal thing! Its a very happy-go-lucky song and it will remind you of the first time you fell back into love after a nasty break-up or heartbreak, and how being with that one person makes you feel so happy and fearless that you forget any doubts you had about love before.

She feels as though the whole EP experience has enabled her to grow and excel as a songwriter due to the “amazing songwriters and musicians [she] worked with over the years”.

India’s upcoming launch is expected to be quite a success. Support acts include Frank Dixon, Aimee Chambers, Kylie Churinga and Jordyn Griffin. This will certainly be a night not to miss, full of excitement and hype and India certainly can’t wait!!




Indias EP is set for release Thursday March 19 with her launch on March 20 at Room680 in Hawthorn. You can purchase tickets HERE.

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Written by RSOM guest writer – Kyra Tsitsinaris
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Quirky and experimental duo, A Whale Called Phoenix is comprised of Jimmy Pollock and Anthony Nero.

If you are the type of music fan that wants to explore the wide variety of genres music has to offer, then check out these guys.


With no definitive style, the two have said to be making music in a bedroom with two acoustic guitars, following no rules and leaving it all to their imagination.

Friends for over 20 years and growing up in different bands, the boys learnt each other’s style and musical capabilities.

The idea to start AWCP was at a BBQ where the two were planning to travel to Europe with band at the time, This Public Life. After many rehearsals, they found themselves disconnecting from the band’s repertoire and then decided to write new and different ones. And alas, the duo was born.

“It’s an opportunity for us to be true to ourselves and have lots of fun.”

Using only iPhones to record both their music and video clips, the two have recorded videos all around Melbourne including Luna Park in St Kilda.

“We just wait for inspiration to come and just go with that.”

Their first track titled, A Blessing In Disguise, was an unfinished song that Jimmy had in his collection for years.

“I knew the start had something and for 2 years I’d play that start and never do anything with it,” Jimmy said.

After showing it to Anthony, the song was finished that day – a blessing in disguise!

“I really like the message of the song…which is about…accepting who you are and your life and just being old enough to realise that you should just do what you like…” Anthony explained.

When searching the duo on YouTube, RSOM came across a video of the pair singing an original song called, Friends (Until The End), live at King Kahuna where you see a softer side.

Anthony’s lead vocal is very honest and makes the message of the song genuine, yet still features the quirkiness of Jimmy who sings soft vocals in the background. This contrast of Ant and Jimmy in the video is what makes the duo very unique as the two personalities complement so well.

“We are energized by the feelings of when a song is first thought up and written, raw and simple. Totally stripped back and fresh,” Jimmy said.

Mamma Lee, their current track shows that their imagination has no boundaries.

Their description on YouTube is:

To accept yourself, you must accept your demons. This can be liberating. Once you harness them, exercise them.
Exercise the demon.

It’s almost like being in the outback when listening to this song, with the two acoustic guitars, Jimmy’s well-grown beard, and the setting of the video clip situated in a jungle-esque area.

The video clip was filmed at Caulfield Park with a $0 budget and with the use of the loyal iPhone. The clip was released on Dec 3, 2014.

When talking about future plans for the duo, they both said that they work well together and are now ready to share their message to the wider public.

4“We should definitely get an EP together, because we are ready to do that.”

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Nineteen-year old Abbey Stone is a musician that is definitely marking her footprint in the music industry. I met Abbey when I was around twelve as we were competing at a major Victorian competition and I was completely awed at her amazing songwriting abilities.

As an escape from life’s troubles, Abbey began songwriting at the age of eleven. “The first song I ever wrote was about how I was getting bullied by people I went to school with.” She found that the only way to say things that she then couldn’t say to those people bullying her was to write it down.

Her debut single, ‘For Everything’ released in November 2012 was written about graduating her final year of high school. It was developed at a big turning point in her life when she had the sudden realisation that life was going to change. “After all those years together, it was all of a sudden clear to me that the people I saw everyday weren’t going to be in my life anymore.” It talks about the highs and lows of Year 12 and the celebration of achieving a milestone. “That was the first time I felt like I’d crosMG_8188sed the finish line.”

Travelling to the US gave her the chance to learn about herself and the world around her. “I finally got the change of scenery I needed to evolve as a writer.” She spent a few months in Nashville and New York City in 2013 writing and recording whilst performing at iconic places such as the Bluebird Cafe in Nashville and the Apollo Theatre in Harlem.

Her latest single, ‘Dear Lover’ was released in November 2013. It was mastered by David Briggs, guitarist and songwriter of the Little River Band. ‘Dear Lover’ was a song that just happened in rehearsals without the intention of recording and releasing it as a single. This is my favourite as it shows Abbey’s raw and compelling vocals as she pours out her heart to her future lover. “It’s a bit nostalgic in the sense that one day I’m going to play it to my husband and say, “See, I knew I’d find you!””

In 2014, Abbey has teamed up with super-producer LUCIANBLOMKAMP on her latest track ‘Brave Heart’ which is to be released very soon. She will also be returning to the States in June to write and record some new music. I wish Abbey all the best for her success and cannot wait to hear her latest work.

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‘Dear Lover’ – Abbey Stone live at King Kahuna

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Twenty-year old singer/songwriter Demi Louise has taken the plunge and left our Aussie shores to live and perform in the UK.

Like all average Melburnian songwriters, Demi spent her days songwriting, gigging and Youtubing. “Songwriting sort of just happened.” Not to mention, she also successfully completed her degree in Clinical Exercise Science at Victoria University in 2013.

But it was only last year that her life started to change when she began writing her first EP. “Basically at the end of last year, I met Joe from Sound of Melbourne Records and with some opportunities that were coming up, we decided that it was a good time to try and release something that was completely stripped back and unproduced.”

‘Songs From My Bedroom’, released in November 2013 is a collection of everything she had wrote and recorded till the date of release. “I think that it is a great starting point to release acoustic music like that and so it will be great to see my growth from here.” The EP received high praise from the public which inspired Demi to continue on with her work.

‘Songs From My Bedroom’ EP out now on iTunes

On 18th November 2013, Demi performed to a sold out crowd of 2,000 in Nottingham, UK supporting British singer/songwriter Gabrielle Aplin on her Autumn Tour after winning a competition run by Aplin’s website. It was here where she launched ‘Songs From My Bedroom’ and brought it to the big stage. (See video here)

“It was incredible. It was great to know that all those people were there appreciating the type of music that Gabby makes and that they would be open to what I was doing also. Everyone was so receptive and it was just everything that I could want from my life and I hope that I get the opportunity again.”

In early 2014, Demi auditioned for the new upcoming season of X Factor Australia. After her success in the audition rounds, Demi made the brave decision to leave the show with the sudden urge to release her own music. “I decided that as a whole concept for me and where I am, it was important that I go out and reach people with the music I want to reach then with. Although it’s great exposure, (and you could never ask for a bigger push than that), I just decided that it wasn’t where I needed to be.” It was after this that Demi packed her bags and headed to the UK.


Demi is definitely keeping herself busy with constant performances including her first UK festival at Liverpool Sound City and being part of the Aussie BBQ run by Sounds Australia. Meanwhile, she featured in an interview on BBC Merseyside with Billy Butler and performed ‘Stay’ live. Also, she was involved in a songwriting workshop held at Tileyard Records in London run by APRA where she and other Aussie and New Zealand songwriters were given the opportunity to collaborate, write and record music.

When asked about how it felt to be gigging in the UK representing Australia she replied with, “It’s an honour really. The support from Australia has made the whole experience happen for me and I’m very lucky.”

Amidst all the excitement and busy schedules, Demi released her first single titled ‘Ruins’. A song with a simple acoustic and heartfelt melody, Ruins talks about the effects of how a broken relationship can affect your future love life as taken from the following lyrics:

“There’ll be pieces of you, and there’ll be pieces of me, and then there’s all the other messed up things that fell in between. And while the spaces between our ruins grew, I knew.”

‘Ruins’ – Demi Louise, May 2014.

“My grandparents inspired me, (especially) my grandfather’s fight with dementia, and how even though they are still so in love, it will never be the same again.” The music video, directed by Jared from The Amadis Project was released in April and is worth a watch. Following its release, Ruins has received lots of positive feedback with a current total of over 2000 views on YouTube. Her Twitter support base is very active with fans constantly re-tweeting links to the video.

So, what’s next for Demi Louise? We believe there may possibly be more releases coming, or a tour, but Demi urges her fans to keep checking out her sites for upcoming details.  When asked about returning to Melbourne, Demi said that she may return in the summer to catch the sun!

“I am honestly loving what I am doing right now. I have so many goals musically and obviously the first of all of them is to gain national radio access through a release. So that’s what I’m aiming towards at the moment, but, we will see.”

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Seventeen-year old pop/dance artist Rachel Costanzo caught my eye when I was watching her videos on YouTube and was amazed at her vocal ability.

Almost at the end of her VCE journey, it is without a doubt that Rachel’s life is hectic as she juggles studying and songwriting.

Starting songwriting at the age of six, Rachel found a love for telling stories and it was then that she developed her writing skills.

“What inspired me most about songwriting is that it is so powerful in every single way. I realised that whenever I was having a bad day, I could express myself through a song and that it would cure my feelings and help me overcome my problems.”

Her songwriting influences include superstar pop/dance artists Katy Perry and Rihanna and her covers on YouTube are mostly inspired by this genre such as her rendition of Zedd’s Clarity.

Rachel Costanzo – Photo supplied by On The Map PR

In 2013, Rachel began to write songs with MSquared Productions. Comprised of partners Michael Paynter, singer/songwriter and contestant on The Voice 2013 and musician Michael DeLorenzis, it was through interactions with them that her first single, ‘Blindside’ was produced.

When talking about challenges that one can experience when writing music, she found that with guidance from MSquared, she was able to overcome the writer’s block and start afresh. “When I am at home writing, if I get frustrated and can’t find the words or melody I am looking for, I tend to walk away and come back when I am refreshed again.”

Blindside was released in June 2013 along with an accompanying video clip. “I definitely love writing with other writers, especially MSquared because I really connect with them and I feel that the more brains and ideas, the better the song will be.” All the excitement created from producing both the single and film clip presented Rachel with the confidence that something was going to happen.

And it sure did.

A technical difficulty one morning caused radio breakfast show, The Matt and Jo Show to run without music or advertisements. Rachel used this as an opportunity to call the radio station to play her song. The next day, Rachel was asked to join Matt and Jo on air as the single was played in full as well as a performance of a cover of Lorde’s Royals. 

Other appearances include ABC3, KIDSWB as well as opening up for Aussie pop/dance artist, Timomatic at The Australian Teenage Expo. “Having that happen to me was a dream come true and it really boosted my confidence and helped me be even more motivated to write another killer track.”

Her second single, Starlight was released on July 14 along with her debut EP on July 28. It is another catchy dance pop tune that showcases Rachel’s phenomenal vocal range once again. The film clip was filmed in Melbourne suburb, St Kilda which features iconic destinations such as Luna Park and The Palais Theatre.

  ‘Starlight’ (Official Video Clip) – Rachel Costanzo.

“Because of MSquared, everything was possible.”

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A true example of an emerging and undiscovered artist, NYUON aka N.Y. is now starting to believe in a dream of a big music career after placing runner up in the 2014 Melbourne Music Bank.

It was a decision by a close friend to enter hip-hop artist, N.Y. into the MMB that saw him performing at the finals and placing runner up. The Melbourne Music Bank is a community run initiative by the Bank of Melbourne designed to give one artist the opportunity to kickstart their career.10345761_246381755556738_6150294655990376482_n

When talking about the grand final, N.Y. described it as being a crazy experience when performing in front of media and music industry representatives from Beat Magazine, PBS 106.7 FM as well as Aussie rock chick and MMB 2014 Ambassador, Ella Hooper. “I was on the treadmill at the gym…” he explains when he received the call from the MMB telling him that he was a grand finalist. It was an unexpected reaction.

Staying true to the Melbourne theme as part of the Music Bank, his track, Your City, has a very laidback beat with very catchy lyrics. After listening to the song, you will be definitely singing on repeat, “Your city got nothing on me!”

Although placing second, this definitely gave N.Y. the motivation to take his music seriously.From leaving music on the backbone and taking studies first, the 20 year old always thought of music as a hobby along with playing his favourite sport basketball. “I never had a Facebook page, I didn’t think I’d get many likes… I’d rather music than study.”


N.Y. began songwriting when he met friend Cris Gamble in his first year of high school and the two decided to collaborate and form rap duo, T.P.D.I.B – The Plague Do It Big. “I found that I could learn rap lyrics really easy,” he explains as he and Gamble began to record songs in their home studio. With school commitments, N.Y. didn’t take music seriously. After finishing Year 12, he was awarded a scholarship to study aerospace engineering in China. On return from China, he decided to venture into a different field and is now studying commerce full time at Deakin University.

Since receiving much praise from the MMB grand final, N.Y. has now got his head in the zone and is about to release his very first mix tape on January 4th, 2015 titled, ‘BYMYSELF’. The mix tape is said to be a collection of chilled and mellow beats with industry professionals praising his work towards the production of the CD, even if some of his songs were recorded on his iPhone. Other tracks that are worth mentioning are MyZOne, Bae Not Really Pt 1+2, These Days and of course, Your City.

With no songwriting structure he describes that his lyrics and music sometimes come as a spur in the moment whilst others are based on personal experiences. “With me, I just get in my zone and get lost in my brain.” BK’s Song, a song not featured on BYMYSELF, is a song dedicated to his 18-year-old brother. The song talks about family especially his close relationship with his brother and their love for basketball.

“They’re the reason I got life in my lungs, you know.”

N.Y. mentions that he has a great support base with his friends sharing a lot of his work and his music Facebook page officially reaching over 1000 likes. From having a taste at performing on stage at the Melbourne Recital Centre for the final, N.Y. is itching to get back up on the stage and get himself out there. In 2015, he aims to build himself up in the music and hip hop biz. This artist is a true example of unrecognised Melburnian talent that needs to be recognised. If you are a hip hop fan, please hit him up on Soundcloud and take a listen, it’s awesome.

The video clip for ‘Your City’ is now available to view. Directed by George Kalpa, the clip explores the city of Melbourne and was released by Tonedeaf Magazine on 5/1/15.

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Single Premiere: No Hands – Connor Ross

No Hands is the first single off the anticipated debut EP, Come To Think set for release next month. 

Written and produced by 19 year old singer/songwriter Connor Ross, the EP was produced at his parents’ home in NSW in the cold winter of 2015.

The single promises great versatility in the debut EP as the instrumentation in the track uses the synth, an initial experiment for the artist, in order to create a sinister mood.

“I really wanted to capture as much of the raw, rough, powerful sound of the synth that I could within the mix, to give the piece a real moody vibe.”

He also said that the five-track EP was a chance to test himself as a songwriter and producer as he experimented with big band sounds as well as soft folk guitars. By doing this, Ross’ aim is to make the wider public aware of the many different aspects of music.

In a recent interview on RSOM TV , Connor described his music as alternative/folk influenced with jazz and blues. He goes by the motto, “If you can play jazz, you can play anything.”

Growing up in country New South Wales, his parents would play artists like Nick Drake, Nick Cave, Miles Davis, James Morrison as well as contemporary artists such as The Cat Empire which have had a great impact in his songwriting.

Connor packed his bags and moved to Melbourne last year and is currently studying music at RMIT. He praises Melbourne as the music capital of Australia. “If you want to be doing music in Australia, the best place to start is Melbourne. There are not only great musicians but so many bodies that advocate for music that nowhere else has yet.”

He has supported many artists in metro and regional Australia and has learnt along the way that there is never a bad gig.

“Even if you seem like a pretty big artist, you can still have some pretty rubbish gigs, but you have to got to push through those. Even if it is a small gig with three drunk people heckling you the whole time, you never know who might be in the corner of the room.”

You can check out Connor Ross’ interview on Real Songwriters TV below.

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