"Not only was it the first song I’ve ever written and released, it was also very personal to me. I got a bit overwhelmed at some points, but people have been giving me so much love for it, which is awesome.” For most people, moving back and forth between any two places is a mean [...]


Something of a late bloomer, Angus Legg hadn’t made the decision to become a professional musician until November of last year. A trip to Europe, a lot of expenditures and a worldly insight was what he needed to come to this decision. “Then [in Europe] I realised that there wasn’t much else I wanted to [...]


Melbourne born-and-raised musician Tori Dunbar has always had a love for singing and songwriting. It is her love for audio production; however, that sets her apart from the rest. After studying audio production at Collarts, Tori went on to record, produce and mix the majority of the songs she has recorded for her solo project [...]


There was never any doubt Darcy Fox was going to become a musician. Now at 24, she writes, records and plays for a living. Growing up in a musical family has only aided her on her path, too. Her mother, one of twelve siblings, grew up performing in a family-show band, surrounded by Irish and [...]

Natalie Nish

“I’ve always been a little bit weird, a little bit different. It can really set you apart. It’s so important to embrace being different rather than let it hinder you.” Growing up in a Christian family and raised on Star Trek with her two brothers, and her two ducks, Natalie Nish comes from a musical [...]

A Conversation With Chloe Violette

“This last year has been about celebrating women in the creative arts. Hence the film clip I’ve just released- it was done by an all-female team from the producer to the cinematographer, the camera assistants and the editor. It was a really liberating experience. We’re slowly smashing the patriarchy!” RSOM recently spoke to the amazing [...]


“I feel like writing is a bit cathartic. I’ll write about it [experiences] because that’s my way to essentially be my own therapist.”   For some artists, the ability to find their niche happens overnight. This wasn’t the case for Celeste Polson. Not at all. The Ballarat-born singer songwriter, who artists under the stage name ‘Celeste Kate,’ didn’t [...]

The Hunter Express

"It was weird though because people then were calling me The Hunter Express, and I was like ‘no, my name’s Brad.’” Most of us know that to get anywhere in life, sacrifices need to be made. Not all of us are willing to make those sacrifices. Melbourne musician Brad Ellis is one man who took [...]


"Hopefully it’s the kind of show Aretha would’ve put on thirty years ago except in Melbourne, sung by a little Italian-Australian girl." You’d be correct in thinking Motown was a thing of the past, right? Wrong. Meet Lucinda, known musically as Lucca Franco. The 24-year-old from Oakleigh has always had a love for Motown and [...]


“When I wrote Rabbit Hole, it was kind of like a lightbulb moment and I found the exact sounds and tones I was looking for in my own voice.” That lightbulb moment changed everything, however. It was the moment that a 22-year-old girl from the Mornington Peninsula realised exactly who she wanted to be as [...]