“When I wrote Rabbit Hole, it was kind of like a lightbulb moment and I found the exact sounds and tones I was looking for in my own voice.” That lightbulb moment changed everything, however. It was the moment that a 22-year-old girl from the Mornington Peninsula realised exactly who she wanted to be as [...]


Most artists rave about how all their songs are written from personal experience; how they’ve felt and experience everything in a particular song. This is not the case for Benjamin Trillado. The 19-year-old from Melbourne confesses that he has one specific desire for his song writing: to be able to find a song in anything. [...]


“I break my influences down into categories because I want a grasp on a bit of everything. Folk is the main one, but ‘folk’ is a broad term. Singer-songwriter folk is definitely where my heart is.” It’s not everyday you meet an upcoming artist is so willingly wearing his heart on his sleeve and delving [...]


Canadian-born singer songwriter Monique Angele discusses the move from opera to pop, finding inspiration in a Queensland Wallaby Sanctuary and recording her latest EP in a closet. From travelling around hometown Canada, then Australia to setting her feet on new homeground Melbourne gave Monique is quick to admit that her EP Answers, released in February this [...]


Their debut EP Sundance Romance has been dubbed a “summer soundtrack,” but Melbourne-based band Napier have proven that their music provides the party tunes all year round. Led by frontman Nelson Dore, the band also consists of bass player Jimi Taylor, keys player Nick Dalton-Bocquet and drummer Matty Lansdown. Nelson and Jimi have known each [...]


Singer, songwriter and composer Tamara Violet Partridge opens up about loss, recovery and her transition from classical to electronica under the new project name LACUNA. ‘Recovery’, LACUNA’s debut EP showcases Tamara’s talents as a songwriter and artist in the electronica genre, however, she admits that this wasn’t always her path. Having resided in Melbourne her [...]


“I just want to look back in ten years time and be like ‘yeah, I gave the music thing a red-hot go.’” 22-year-old Southbank resident Chloë Violette grew up along the Mornington Peninsula, which she cites has influenced the laidback vibe in her music. Having only taken up music when she began high school, she [...]


Melbourne’s KINGS take on the West Coast with their new single Melbourne’s underground electro-pop music scene is already champing at the bit, looking to get a taste of the latest release single from local music group KINGS, titled, (U) West Coast. The band features producer and vocalist Hayden Jefferey, guitarist Sam Buirski, bass and keyboardist [...]


“The accident in November left me with a few broken bones, and it actually gave me so much clarity on my life. I was just like ‘I’ve got to do all the things I want to do like I’ve got to do them now.’” The best kind of musicians are those that feel at one [...]


Singer/songwriter Alanna Eileen credits her Irish background as an inspiration as she was always encouraged to sing throughout her childhood. She has described herself as being a folk singer due to the fact that she mainly prefers to play “fingerstyle” on her acoustic guitar, although the piano has now become a most recent asset to [...]