REVIEW: Running Young – The Brunswick Hotel, Brunswick, Melbourne (10/12/15)

Going to a gig at the Brunny is without a doubt one of the best ways to spend your Thursday nights.

With the venue typically having a lineup of three bands, I was disappointed to miss the supporting acts, (Mr. Elephant Ride, Officer Parrot and Pink Harvest) after having to line up for quite some time in the cold hoping to get inside and listen to some sick tunes.

There was already quite the crowd waiting for Running Young to come on stage, and I knew things could only go uphill from here!

Running Young pulled out some great beats that were perfect for the venue. The band’s groovy and upbeat instrumentation kept the atmosphere alive while everyone enjoyed a good old beverage. What more could you ask for?

Their rendition of The Killers’ All These Things That I’ve Done got the crowd involved, and was definitely in my books a great rendition.

A great performance by the boys, they definitely know how to entertain a crowd and it will be great to see how this band grows in the future!

Official video clip for Did You See – Running Young

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Written by Githmi Wettasinghe, Director of Real Songwriters TV

A Preview of BYMYSELF

Delve into the mind of the 21 year old hip hop artist as BYMYSELF takes you on a 40 minute journey with intimate, chill and cinematic beats.

This will be the latest from NYUON as the Melbourne Music Bank 2014 runner-up is reaching new heights after recently performing at the MCG and other special events, scoring many radio plugs and interviews as well as a successful single launch for fan-favourite track, Your City.

We have the pleasure of revealing the cover of this upcoming project.


With a new music video on the way, BYMYSELF will be released online October 23.
You can also grab a free playlist to download now off Bandcamp.

You can check out our interview with NY here on RSOM.
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Can I just say firstly that I love this venue. The sound quality is fantastic, no wonder why musicians always have a ball there! The atmosphere is always on a high, the crowd is always dancing, it’s just awesome.

Again, I went inside with no clue what was going to happen, on purpose, so I can fully immerse in all the energy the night had to offer.

Unfortunately, I did miss the first support act, but I did manage to catch the second act, WALKER.

Lead singer Jordan Walker’s voice was SO mesmerising. I especially loved the band’s cover of U2’s Where The Streets Have No Name. They could almost be a U2 tribute band! The instrumentation from the boys was tight and overall a killer set.

The night, of course, was in celebration of the band Wire Bird and the release of their new single, Always. Featuring a great instrumental breakdown in the middle with an intense build up of guitars and drums, the song is definitely a hit.

If I had to describe to somebody who hadn’t listened to Wire Bird before, I would say that if you like Temper Trap, Vance Joy or even a bit of MGMT, then you will definitely like this band.

The vocals by lead singer Tim Cook and harmonies by guitarists James Eynaud and John Longley are always in sync and soothing. (Hooray for three part harmonies!)

Their instrumentation, again, a massive highlight, especially live as you almost get lost in the music. You can see in their stage presence and in their music that they are passionate musicians. Playing songs old and new and even an rendition of James Bay’s Hold Back The River, the energy on stage never stopped. (Special mention to John whose energy was bouncing off the stage, he is a great performer.)

Wire Bird performing new single Always at Cuthbert Corner, Melbourne.

The boys also revealed two songs that will be featured on their forthcoming EP to be released later in the year.

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wire bird


It’s been a long awaited release here at RSOM as we are huge fans of 20-year-old Abbey Stone. And why shouldn’t we be excited?! This artist is absolutely amazing and has come such a long way and is well deserving of all her efforts. Check out her debut EP titled, Doorways.

In an interview previously on RSOM, Abbey tells Jena that Doorways is, “about the beginning of something,” and we believe that this will definitely open more doors for this talented songwriter.


The first track titled Doorways is a nice introduction to the EP as she “watches the doorways,” while waiting to begin the next chapter of her life with her future admirer. With a nice blend of instruments to create a calm and somewhat dreamy atmosphere, the first track is a great set up for the tracks to come.

Abbey Stone performing at Les Twentyman Gala – 2014.

We then start to get really honest here with second track titled, Figure You Out. This song is definitely inspired by Abbey’s music inspiration, Taylor Swift with themes of ex lovers and bad relationships with lyrics like:

“You’re by yourself, that’s what you wanted. I left you alone, now I’m not bothered.”

With awesome keyboard riffs and an intense build up of guitars and drums towards the chorus, Stone’s story in her lyrics is honest and is a definite highlight in the entire EP – true songwriting!!

The next track titled, I’m Still Here, instantly reminded us of the angry and gusty American Idol winner, Carrie Underwood’s hit, Before He Cheats. 

Undoubtedly our favourite track on the EP, Abbey’s powerful, raw and honesty in her vocals mixed with the power of the guitars is spine tingling. She has taken it to the next level.

“I’m not holding on to you, you’re no one and I’m still here.”

This is the perfect girl power and break up song. (Yes we too are huge fans of T-Swift.)

Debut single and fifth track, For Everything, is about the last year of high school where she performed it at her Year 12 graduation to her classmates. It talks about the triumphs and tribulations of the final year of school and the successes of finishing 13 years of school. Abbey previously told RSOM that she had definitely crossed the finish line for the first time.

Charlie Musselwhite, renowned blues musician from the US, features in Stone’s sixth track, Million Minutes on the harmonica. This track gives a nice acoustic and serene feeling with Stone’s soothing vocals alongside the harmonica in the background. This would be another track that would be amazing to see live!

Last but definitely not least is Abbey’s latest single, Brave Heart, which features as the bonus track on this EP. She has teamed up with Melbourne producer, LUCIANBLOMKAMP to create this chill dance track which talks about the thrills of living life and enjoying freedom at a young age. This is an excellent track and a definite must listen.

This EP is HUGE so get on to it and purchase it off iTunes now.

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Abbey Stone performing at Bikes4Life Charity Event – 2014.

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“My absolute favourite description of my music will always be, ‘Neo-Romantic, Post-Industrial Stalker Rock”

This is the latest from 24-year old Elodie Adams.

inSUBORDINATE, her debut EP, features her hit single, Born to Love You which is the theme song for upcoming Playstation game, Oddworld.

With all the lyrics, vocals, rhythm, synth, loops and sound design written by the artist herself as well as co-producing the EP, this is indeed a celebration of hard work.


We are firstly introduced to, Born to Love You, her current single. Sexy and mystery plays a huge part as she opens us up into another world using her vocals to create character within the track.

The violin solo, performed by Adams herself, highlights her love for the violin and her major role towards the production of the EP.

The sexiness and mystery continues as the next track, Stockholm Syndrome plays. This song talks about female dominance and displays a lot of attitude. The drums, guitars and powerful vocals may remind you of band, Evanescence, who uses these elements to create darkness and feminism within the track.

It is said that the third track, Multiplayer, has a double meaning as the sound effects of the game highlight that the song could be about games yet Adams’s character in her vocals and lyrics could be interpreted as flirty.

For example: “I play on expert baby. We can make it baby.”

It’s here where I highly commend her originality and lyrics and it is a song where music does speak.

Fourth track, More Than You, is where the tone changes as we explore her emotional side lyrically yet keeping the grunge and mystery alive.

Finally, we are left with an instrumental finish as inSUBORDINATE plays to conclude the EP. The track is completely instrumental which highly demonstrates the power that music can have on the audience as opposed to just vocals. The violin solo, again by Adams, is dramatic and sets the scene, the mystery and the power it creates.

The track also includes the Oddworld remix of Born to Love You.

This EP is a great example of the amount of work that she and her team have to undertake in order to produce the final product. A big congrats to the Elodie and the team, it has definitely paid off!

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If you’re into dance and club music and are a sucker for powerhouse female vocalists, then you’ve come to the right place.

17-year-old Rachel Costanzo is chasing her dreams with her self-titled EP now available to purchase/download online.


The first track is her debut single, Blindside, a perfect dance track and opening for the EP. Unlike most dance tracks where there is a repeating loop and one line vocal hooks, Rachel’s voice stand out as they are flawless alongside the piano riff. With a funky drop, the beat will definitely make people dancing and singing along.

Keeping up with the club beat is her second single, Starlight. Although the lyrics are a tad cliché, it is still an inspirational and uplifting track, as the powerhouse vocals and infectious dance vibe don’t let the song down at all.

Next up is, Heartbeat Two Feet, a motivating and upbeat song talking about the hardships and the successes of Rachel’s career as she finds the light at the end of the tunnel.

Invisible is one of Rachel’s best tracks vocally as she sings with a heap of emotion as the track begins. The track includes a special feature by co-producer, Michael Paynter.

Yet, my personal favourite is the final track, Avalanche. This is where my love for powerhouse ballads come in as her vocals are immaculate. This would be spine tingling live with just vocals and piano.

This artist has huge potential to be big. If you haven’t jumped aboard the Rachel Costanzo bandwagon, you have to as she is definitely a star in the making.


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If you have ever had the idea of going to a venue with the objective of discovering a new artist, this is it!

It was a perfect end to the day and an escape from the ‘lovely’ winter weather.

The night began with opening act Rachel Costanzo who graced us with a mixture of originals and covers, including a piano version of her latest single, ‘Starlight.’ (watch here)

Maxi was on next as her infectious vibe saw everybody dancing and singing along, bringing the excitement to the next level. Her indie-pop character is also a prominent feature as her set list saw a collection of hits, old and new, with ‘Walking With the Animals,’ being the latest. (watch here)

Then on came the fairy lights and the wait was over as Nussy made her grand entrance on stage while the SOLD OUT crowd welcomed her with huge applause.

‘Dizzy’, the second track on her self-titled EP brought more cheers as confetti balls were thrown from the stage into the crowd. With the band members jamming along to the beat of the drum, it was clear that all members on the stage were having fun. As the show went on, we were dancing along to the futuristic synth melodies as the third track on her EP, ‘Prowling’ saw some fiery solos and the final track, ‘The Other Side’ was a nice break in the setlist as it was relaxing with inspiring lyrics.

To this day, I am still left hearing “D-d-d-dizzy baby,” on repeat in my head! I am so glad I attended. Discovering artists at a live venue is the best thing anyone can do because you are surrounded by so much energy and you are engulfed in the singer’s emotions which makes their music more meaningful. I was left in awe and had to purchase a CD.

The EP ‘Nussy’ was released on July 18 after her debut single ‘Dizzy,’ was released on July 4. It is said that the EP is based on the challenges and pressures that young adults may be faced at some point. (buy single here)

Nussy’s second launch show was in Adelaide on August 1 at Pirie and Co Social Club.

If you are looking for some fresh music to add to your ‘Recently Added’ playlist, you have found it.

This artist is going to be big!

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Single Premiere: No Hands – Connor Ross

No Hands is the first single off the anticipated debut EP, Come To Think set for release next month. 

Written and produced by 19 year old singer/songwriter Connor Ross, the EP was produced at his parents’ home in NSW in the cold winter of 2015.

The single promises great versatility in the debut EP as the instrumentation in the track uses the synth, an initial experiment for the artist, in order to create a sinister mood.

“I really wanted to capture as much of the raw, rough, powerful sound of the synth that I could within the mix, to give the piece a real moody vibe.”

He also said that the five-track EP was a chance to test himself as a songwriter and producer as he experimented with big band sounds as well as soft folk guitars. By doing this, Ross’ aim is to make the wider public aware of the many different aspects of music.

In a recent interview on RSOM TV , Connor described his music as alternative/folk influenced with jazz and blues. He goes by the motto, “If you can play jazz, you can play anything.”

Growing up in country New South Wales, his parents would play artists like Nick Drake, Nick Cave, Miles Davis, James Morrison as well as contemporary artists such as The Cat Empire which have had a great impact in his songwriting.

Connor packed his bags and moved to Melbourne last year and is currently studying music at RMIT. He praises Melbourne as the music capital of Australia. “If you want to be doing music in Australia, the best place to start is Melbourne. There are not only great musicians but so many bodies that advocate for music that nowhere else has yet.”

He has supported many artists in metro and regional Australia and has learnt along the way that there is never a bad gig.

“Even if you seem like a pretty big artist, you can still have some pretty rubbish gigs, but you have to got to push through those. Even if it is a small gig with three drunk people heckling you the whole time, you never know who might be in the corner of the room.”

You can check out Connor Ross’ interview on Real Songwriters TV below.

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