Without a doubt The Toff in Town is my favourite live music venue in all of Melbourne (well, maybe with the exception of Festival Hall- I mean The Beatles have performed there.) As a result, I was eager to see Abbey Stone do her thing there. Yes, it was the night of the Australian Open Men’s Final and yes, I had just worked an eight hour shift (oh, the life of a barista!), but, I was definitely excited.

Opening the show was Liv Cartledge, a young singer-songwriter from Beechworth. I must admit, I’d never heard her name before, but as a fan of music and someone who writes about music, I was keen to hear what she had to offer.

I was beyond impressed. I was also grateful she introduced every single song, because it made writing this far easier.


She opened her set with Timber, which was an easy-listening tune but at the same time introduced her deep vocals. This made it rather complex, but definitely an appropriate song to kick off the night as it was enticing and the audience got to learn who she was very quickly. Ciggies, was a particularly interesting choice for a song title, as Liv admitted that she wasn’t a smoker, but its folky and acoustic undertones showed off her diversity as an artist. With an upbeat funky chorus, it is the perfect road trip song.

Her instrumental use was as diverse as her vocal range. The incorporation of an acoustic guitar, an electric guitar and a bass guitar, often in the same song worked wonders both with the band interaction, and also their interaction with the audience. Liv’s husky, yet powerful vocals were reminiscent of Stevie Nicks’ early days. In her heavier, edgier performances she sightly reminded me of Paramore’s Hayley Williams.

Liv’s original work is unbelievable, yet the highlight of the set was definitely her cover of the 1996 song Pony, by Ginuwine. All I have to say about that cover is “wow.” It honestly was probably one of my favourite covers I’ve ever seen and has meant that Liv’s music has left a mark on me.

Abbey Stone is also a force to be reckoned with. She’s sophisticated and elegant, and the opening of her set was no exception. As she sat by her piano ready to play, you already knew that she was an artist who took her craft seriously. I’d listened to a little bit of her music before the show, but I always go into to live shows not knowing what to expect.

From the opening note, I could tell she was a soulful, powerful vocalist. Everything was technical and everything was flawless, definitely along the lines of Alicia Keys. Even then the opening track had me thinking of Carrie Underwood and the vocally powerful country-pop artists. I Wish You Would Stay was the perfect example of this, and demonstrated the depth of her lyrics. It was heartfelt and emotional, and she effortlessly made you feel what she was feeling. There was a noticeable trend in that each song had a similar theme of heartbreak, was approached a different way each time.


Whilst I can’t explain every single little thing she did, I can tell you that she almost literally threw her whole body into the entire performance. She was a very visual performer to watch, as her facial expressions and body language reflected the themes of each individual song. Put that with an insane vocal ability and performing the whole set solo, and you have one unstoppable artist. On the Australian scale of things, her vocal ability is comparable to the likes of Delta Goodrem.

The highlight of her set would have to be Stuck. A catchy tune with amusing lyrics, it displayed Abbey’s fun and quirky side. I also admired the way she presented her ‘trilogy,’ as it provides a concept to her EP. The trilogy could not have ended any more perfectly. I’m Still Here, allowed her to really kick up her power and show how aggressive her performances can be and also her sass.

Abbey is nothing short of a powerful vocalist and an entertaining performer.
I’m sure we’ll see big things from both Abbey and Liv in the future.

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Written by Jordyn Hoekstra


The last time we spoke with Abbey Stone, she was just about to leave the country for the States.

Now five months later, she is back down under with her latest hit, Brave Heart and with a major announcement to be released exclusively via RSOM.
So Jena could not WAIT to catch up with her!

In June, Stone returned back to the States.

J: Tell us about your time in the States this year. What did you get up to?
A: This year was about playing a lot more shows and recording a number of songs in Nashville with producer Mark Moffat. Last year was more about discovering myself a bit more as a writer, which I feel like I did. So this time around, I was recording the songs I wrote last year. It was really cool.

J: Did you record or perform anywhere iconic once again in the States?
A: I got to play at The Bluebird in Nashville again – twice! I cut three songs on Music Row as well, right near RCA Studio B, which was crazy incredible. I played some really insane underground shows in New York where the crowds were those crazy, creative and wholeheartedly passionate people. I learned a lot about myself as an artist playing those shows – for example, if you’ve got something to say, there will always be someone who has said, or wanted to say, the same thing… felt the same way. It’s uplifting.


On the 14th September, her latest single, Brave Heart was released.

J: Your latest single, Brave Heart is very different to your other tracks in regards to the style of your music. Is this the new Abbey Stone?
A: Brave Heart was a song I wrote a while ago and it kind of just sat there amongst other songs I overlooked. I’m really fortunate to know some incredibly talented people and one of those people is my mate Lucian (aka LUCIANBLOMKAMP). I’ve told him this multiple times, but I think he is a musical genius. So I asked him if he would consider producing the song and giving it a bit of life. This dude is ridiculous. I sent him a really rough version of the song and he sent me this bassy, ambient sick tune.

I decided to release Brave Heart for free because it is a lot shorter than the rest of my music AND because it is so different. I’m always listening to a lot of different music, there’s a lot of music I listen to that no one would expect, and because of that, I like to experiment with different sounds. I wouldn’t say there is a ‘new’ Abbey Stone because I’m still messing around with different melodies and finding what I like best, but it’s definitely a sound that I enjoy listening to and making, so I guess we will see!

Brave Heart Official Video Clip – Abbey Stone

J: So, what is Brave Heart about?
A: I was 17 when I wrote the song and I had a fake I.D. I went out to clubs a lot and I used to think I was really cool and invincible. So Brave Heart is about being 17, thinking you can do anything and going into every situation fearlessly. The song says, “tomorrow is distant, the future’s a given, and we’re not afraid.” So whatever we do tonight doesn’t matter because tomorrow is a definite certainty that is so far away, we can chill. It’s about being teenagers really.

J: Tell us all about the video and the filming. What was the best part of it all?
A: The video was shot over two different Saturdays. Firstly we shot the ‘morning after the party’ scenes, which involved being on set by 5:30am, hair, makeup and outfit ready. It sounds like I had it bad but the crew were there the night before setting everything up and being amazing. We worked until about 9:00 that night and then returned the week after to shoot the ‘party’ scenes.

The best part of it all was working with a lot of people! Being a solo artist, I don’t really get the chance to work with a big group like that, so having many people around to have a laugh and be creative with was something I can’t wait to do again.


And now, a massive exclusive to RSOM!
Abbey Stone will be releasing her very first EP!


J: RSOM is honoured to announce the release of your EP! When will it be released?
A: November 5th! It’s a bit of a tradition we have running. Every year on my birthday, we release something and this year, it’s finally an EP. It’s something we have been working on for a while, and are still working on. It’s also something I’m really proud of.

J: What is your EP called? Are there any major themes or messages within the EP?
A: The EP is called Doorways. When I play live, I play a set within a set. There are three songs that I play in chronological order of events that occurred throughout the year I wrote them in. I refer to this set/these songs as the ‘trilogy’. They are the first three songs on the record and start with a song called Doorways. I feel like this is really fitting because it’s about the beginning of something and the opening of the first ‘doorway’.

J: Are you doing any live performances soon? If so, when and where?
A: I’m performing at Les Twentyman’s 20th Man Fund Annual Gala on October 24th and I’m playing at the Bikes 4 Life’s ‘Live at the Trak’ event on the 8th November.

We once again thank Abbey for featuring on the blog and wish her every success for the forthcoming release of her EP, Doorways.

You can check her out here:10387337_773438076009765_5917027656515125453_n

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Check out the last post of Abbey Stone who was our very first guest on RSOM.


It’s been a long awaited release here at RSOM as we are huge fans of 20-year-old Abbey Stone. And why shouldn’t we be excited?! This artist is absolutely amazing and has come such a long way and is well deserving of all her efforts. Check out her debut EP titled, Doorways.

In an interview previously on RSOM, Abbey tells Jena that Doorways is, “about the beginning of something,” and we believe that this will definitely open more doors for this talented songwriter.


The first track titled Doorways is a nice introduction to the EP as she “watches the doorways,” while waiting to begin the next chapter of her life with her future admirer. With a nice blend of instruments to create a calm and somewhat dreamy atmosphere, the first track is a great set up for the tracks to come.

Abbey Stone performing at Les Twentyman Gala – 2014.

We then start to get really honest here with second track titled, Figure You Out. This song is definitely inspired by Abbey’s music inspiration, Taylor Swift with themes of ex lovers and bad relationships with lyrics like:

“You’re by yourself, that’s what you wanted. I left you alone, now I’m not bothered.”

With awesome keyboard riffs and an intense build up of guitars and drums towards the chorus, Stone’s story in her lyrics is honest and is a definite highlight in the entire EP – true songwriting!!

The next track titled, I’m Still Here, instantly reminded us of the angry and gusty American Idol winner, Carrie Underwood’s hit, Before He Cheats. 

Undoubtedly our favourite track on the EP, Abbey’s powerful, raw and honesty in her vocals mixed with the power of the guitars is spine tingling. She has taken it to the next level.

“I’m not holding on to you, you’re no one and I’m still here.”

This is the perfect girl power and break up song. (Yes we too are huge fans of T-Swift.)

Debut single and fifth track, For Everything, is about the last year of high school where she performed it at her Year 12 graduation to her classmates. It talks about the triumphs and tribulations of the final year of school and the successes of finishing 13 years of school. Abbey previously told RSOM that she had definitely crossed the finish line for the first time.

Charlie Musselwhite, renowned blues musician from the US, features in Stone’s sixth track, Million Minutes on the harmonica. This track gives a nice acoustic and serene feeling with Stone’s soothing vocals alongside the harmonica in the background. This would be another track that would be amazing to see live!

Last but definitely not least is Abbey’s latest single, Brave Heart, which features as the bonus track on this EP. She has teamed up with Melbourne producer, LUCIANBLOMKAMP to create this chill dance track which talks about the thrills of living life and enjoying freedom at a young age. This is an excellent track and a definite must listen.

This EP is HUGE so get on to it and purchase it off iTunes now.

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Abbey Stone performing at Bikes4Life Charity Event – 2014.

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Nineteen-year old Abbey Stone is a musician that is definitely marking her footprint in the music industry. I met Abbey when I was around twelve as we were competing at a major Victorian competition and I was completely awed at her amazing songwriting abilities.

As an escape from life’s troubles, Abbey began songwriting at the age of eleven. “The first song I ever wrote was about how I was getting bullied by people I went to school with.” She found that the only way to say things that she then couldn’t say to those people bullying her was to write it down.

Her debut single, ‘For Everything’ released in November 2012 was written about graduating her final year of high school. It was developed at a big turning point in her life when she had the sudden realisation that life was going to change. “After all those years together, it was all of a sudden clear to me that the people I saw everyday weren’t going to be in my life anymore.” It talks about the highs and lows of Year 12 and the celebration of achieving a milestone. “That was the first time I felt like I’d crosMG_8188sed the finish line.”

Travelling to the US gave her the chance to learn about herself and the world around her. “I finally got the change of scenery I needed to evolve as a writer.” She spent a few months in Nashville and New York City in 2013 writing and recording whilst performing at iconic places such as the Bluebird Cafe in Nashville and the Apollo Theatre in Harlem.

Her latest single, ‘Dear Lover’ was released in November 2013. It was mastered by David Briggs, guitarist and songwriter of the Little River Band. ‘Dear Lover’ was a song that just happened in rehearsals without the intention of recording and releasing it as a single. This is my favourite as it shows Abbey’s raw and compelling vocals as she pours out her heart to her future lover. “It’s a bit nostalgic in the sense that one day I’m going to play it to my husband and say, “See, I knew I’d find you!””

In 2014, Abbey has teamed up with super-producer LUCIANBLOMKAMP on her latest track ‘Brave Heart’ which is to be released very soon. She will also be returning to the States in June to write and record some new music. I wish Abbey all the best for her success and cannot wait to hear her latest work.

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‘Dear Lover’ – Abbey Stone live at King Kahuna

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