Singer/songwriter Alanna Eileen credits her Irish background as an inspiration as she was always encouraged to sing throughout her childhood.

She has described herself as being a folk singer due to the fact that she mainly prefers to play “fingerstyle” on her acoustic guitar, although the piano has now become a most recent asset to her musics. She also sings occasionally in French and Spanish.

“In the past primarily drew inspiration from literature, nature and traveling, but my new songs are more grounded in the minutiae of daily existence within the context of being in love with someone,” she said.


Alanna describes her EP, Absence, as a combination between her old and new songwriting techniques and life experiences.

Turning to songwriting was only a recent development, she explained as she never considered the idea of having a career as a musician to be a possibility. She just wanted to share her music.

A persistent and dedicated musician, Alanna said that she intends to keep on making and sharing music, and if her dream of fame doesn’t come true, a job in the music industry or teaching music would suffice.

Being able to pursue music for a living is just a plus in her eyes.

“The actual act of composing and singing is what I most love and want to do.  As long as I still have the ability to do those things, I don’t mind what my career is.”

Artists that have had a major influential role throughout Alanna’s life include Mary Black and Roy Orbison, Roy Harper, Joanna Newsom, Joni Mitchell, Conor Oberst, the composer Zbigniew Preisner, Beethoven, Schubert – these were all of Alanna’s personal favorites during her childhood. Most recently, her inspirations have been Julie Byrne and Olivia Chaney.

“At eighteen, the violinist Pekka Kuusisto made a big impression.  Then, when I first started trying to write songs, I listened to a lot of outlaw country music. Later, I heard Elliott Smith, then Karen Dalton and Robbie Basho around the same time, which was a combination that changed everything.” 

One of Alanna’s first ever songs was titled Little Bird, she says that it was “philosophical in subject” much like many of her other songs earlier on. Her approach to song writing is constantly changing but even so, it is more of a slow process of trial and error.

“Initially it was like learning how to write all over again, because my poetry was too verbose to work within the context of a three or four minute composition. I had to simplify, so I started paying close attention to how songs in various genres are structured. It was a conscious effort with minimal results.”

Alanna’s upcoming album features a song called I Pray for Desertion which she says is her favourite due to the fact that “it’s a recapitulation of one of my happiest, and, also, conversely, most painful, experiences.” She says that for her it represents somewhat of a journey of something integral .

Alanna was presented the opportunity to record in Cairns in late 2014. Her most memorable achievement in her career to date was launching her debut album at The Toff In Town. Returning from a tour of her debut EP, plans are underway towards the release of her next album, set for release next year, as well as another Australian tour. She will also fly overseas to perform some shows in London and New York.2Check out Alanna Eileen on:
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Written by Kyra Tsitsinaris


18-year-old Emilia from the outer city suburbs of Bentleigh is a striving jazz singer and songwriter, whose passion for music has been her entire life. Studying Jazz Voice & Music Performance at Monash, Emilia is now starting to turn her dream into a big reality.

As a child, Emilia performed regularly and was a student at the Yamaha Music School. She participated in many performances at both her music school and at high school.

Her pathway to jazz music specifically began when her singing teacher detected more of a natural jazz tone in her voice rather than pop/musical theatre (which is what she initially began singing). “It was just so natural”.


She participated in a program that was run by Juilliard in New York, which introduced Emilia to a jazz focused environment and was the kick-start to her jazz career. She described the jazz community as, “very small,” however she loves it.

She calls upon Ella Fitzgerald as her biggest influence yet admires the likes of contemporary jazz musicians such as Norah Jones and Kimbra.

When I was younger I would participate in everything and I was known as the singing girl” and when it came to the stage in her life where she had to decide what path she wanted to take in regards to her career, she “couldn’t think of anything else apart from music”. It wasn’t merely a specific moment rather than a gradual life choice. “It kinda never left me,” she states.

She started song writing at the very young age of 11, only doing casual home recordings and later on, she began to perform her original work when she became a teenager. One of the first songs she wrote as a child, was titled I Don’t Need You Anymore. She says that now that she thinks about it, it is a very “jazzy” song. When writing today she describes herself as, “the type of person where [she doesn’t] actually plan to write anything, it’s more [waking] up at 3am because [she has] a song stuck in my head”. She doesn’t follow a certain structure; it’s more of a creative process.

Emilia has just recently formed the band– Emilia & the Scarlette’s. Everything is still in the production process at the moment although they have 18 originals songs as well as additional covers. The band plans to produce all of their work and potentially go forth and create an EP and eventually an album.

Emilia & The Scarlettes performing original tune Blue Eyes at Farouk’s Olive, Melbourne

A song considered to be a “crowd favourite” is Red. The story is centered around a fiery and dangerous girl named Red, who sheds other people’s blood, slowly luring them in, only to defeat them. Red was created based on “girls who are so beautiful but are so awful on the inside”. Her songs tend to base around the concept of other beings or supernatural characters.

Like every songwriter, Emilia tends to express or vent her feelings through music. 3
“Which songwriter doesn’t do that?”

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Written by RSOM guest writer Kyra Tsitsinaris


Cocoa Noire, comprised of Jackson and Francoise, say that their music is influenced by their love of electronic, disco and early house beats.

With previous performances including Strawberry Fields Festival, Melbourne Music Week as well as this year’s St Kilda Festival, they love making the audience’s musical experience “unique and incomparable.”

As songwriters, it is the everyday things around them that they draw inspiration from, whether it be people, music, food and travel, but most of all, it is the different story that each individual is living that drives their music.

Cocoa Noire formed only a few years ago, when they were both musically involved with other projects. With Jackson being a DJ and Francoise performing in various groups, it wasn’t until they performed spontaneously at a party that they then decided to create music together.

They describe their music as a sound that goes against the “specific genre of disco and early house music,” mostly because they love to experiment with different sounds in order to properly express their ideas.

Cocoa Noire like to create an “organic relationship” with their audience, meaning that they prefer to connect with people through music rather than through online interaction. Making people dance and enjoy the moment is the main focus to each and every one of their performances.

“We love that kind of interaction and much prefer it to any online interaction.”

As many bands and artists, Cocoa Noire don’t have a set procedure when it comes to writing and creating new songs but normally collaborate their individual ideas. With Jackson focusing on the rhythmic aspect using his DJ/producing experience, Francoise takes the lead in the melodic avenue. “Feeling good is the priority,” they say as they ensure that they love every bit of their songs before they finish writing.

Currently the duo are still working on new material and making the most of the songwriting process and are yet to release an EP.

“We are working towards sound that we are completely happy with and we don’t really care on how long it takes. We want to feel good and we want to take our time in achieving this”.

 They perform regularly on weekends so to get more details on their whereabouts visit them on Instagram.


Written by Kyra Tsitsinaris


We recently chatted to India Jade about her musical journey as well as all the ins and outs of her upcoming self-titled EP due for release very soon!

Born in Gippsland, 19-year-old India Jade moved to the eastern suburbs of Camberwell where even without much of a musical influence around her, still managed to make music a part of her life.

I think my life would have been so different if I lived in the country my entire life, she said.

3 She said that she “fell into music as performing in front of family and friends was what she loved.

There was something so magical about watching people perform.

India joined the David Jaanz School of Singing at a young age that created many performance opportunities. She says that it is her “most favourite place in the world,” and is still attending the school, not only as a student but also a teacher.

At the tender age of only 16, India was chosen as a solo act for the Victorian State School Spectacular, which she said was a major highlight of her career.

India has just recently been signed by Titus Day from 6 Degrees Management. She is continuing to develop her brand as she stated that her EP is like a journal that highlights different phases of her life.

My goal was to create a fun, upbeat record that takes the listener on a crazy ride through the ups and downs of love and life as Ive experienced it.

A huge work in progress, India said that the EP contains songs that she wrote when she was only 15 years old. “I didn’t want to see them go on the back burner, she said.

Written in collaboration with James Rocher whom India describes as a “prolific writer, in so many more ways than one,” the songwriting process opened her eyes to the music world and her future as an artist.

Lyrics are definitely my strength in songwriting and often an entire song will take form purely from a random lyric idea, she said.

Real Thing a song featured on the upcoming self-titled EP, is described as one of her personal songs, however, India assures that listeners can also relate to the song as well.


Love is a universal thing! Its a very happy-go-lucky song and it will remind you of the first time you fell back into love after a nasty break-up or heartbreak, and how being with that one person makes you feel so happy and fearless that you forget any doubts you had about love before.

She feels as though the whole EP experience has enabled her to grow and excel as a songwriter due to the “amazing songwriters and musicians [she] worked with over the years”.

India’s upcoming launch is expected to be quite a success. Support acts include Frank Dixon, Aimee Chambers, Kylie Churinga and Jordyn Griffin. This will certainly be a night not to miss, full of excitement and hype and India certainly can’t wait!!




Indias EP is set for release Thursday March 19 with her launch on March 20 at Room680 in Hawthorn. You can purchase tickets HERE.

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Written by RSOM guest writer – Kyra Tsitsinaris
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