SINGLE REVIEW: Views Up [Prod. Rookie Pro] by NYUON

NYUON or N.Y, a Melbourne based rapper, self-produced musician and songwriter has just premiered his new single, Views Up, a song which explores everything from N.Y’s early days discovering and exploring music, to the modern day life of a rap musician and the modern music scene.

The piece begins with a seemingly random assortment of instruments, beats and sounds, almost akin to some form of pre performance sound check. It keeps the listener guessing for the first twenty seconds or so, trying to figure out the song. What is the main hook? How is the beat structured? When is N.Y going to come in?

The only answer to all of these questions is given mere seconds before the song lurches into full speed, as four indicative hi-hat splashes set the tempo.

This is an excellent way to introduce a listener to a piece of music for the first time, as this piqued curiosity leads to a genuine and almost rewarding sense of surprise as all of the elements, shown first in relative isolation, come together and drag you head first into the song in a truly immersive and indeed almost aural bombardment of strong driving grooves and airy leading phrases.

Aside from the more urban roots reflected in the main beat and bass lines, Views Up takes on a more modern “lounge/urban” feel with the accompaniment of gliding piano melodies and ambient synthesizer tones filling out the sound and giving a more driven, reverberating feel to the listener’s ears, like sitting back and letting the soothing bass vibrate your ear drums in a comforting way.

As for lyrical content, N.Y’s lyrics are first used as a device to describe the change in attitudes of people he was once surrounded with growing up, then reflecting on his current life and aspirations.


Particularly, N.Y uses the old paradigm wherein people seem to want nothing to do with you, but all of a sudden leap onto your success as though it’s something they can lay claim to being a part of, which he describes as

“One time for the girls that didn’t choose us, in High School we were losers, nowadays all they say is that they knew us”

In a prior interview with The Real Songwriters of Melbourne, N.Y describes this inner reflection and storytelling as a means to create an interesting narrative but still keep the desired story relevant and perhaps provide insight for those who listen to his music.“With me, I just get in my zone and get lost in my brain,” he describes.

As the song progresses, N.Y turns to his current life in the music scene, reflecting on what little he had coming up and pursuing music to now where he has achieved broader recognition and “can have nice things”

This song immediately cemented itself to me as a great motivator for people who might feel discouraged when it comes to having or indeed pursuing any form of aspirational goal, although in fairness this can also equally be seen as a song for relaxation, encouraging the listener to feel content in their life and its direction.

With a single this well written produced, it’s if anything a surprise that this up and coming Melbourne artist isn’t more well-known. But only time will tell how well his work will be received.

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Rating: 4.5/5
A triumphantly feel-good piece of street music, well worth a look.

Written by Kieran Balmeceda

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A Preview of BYMYSELF

Delve into the mind of the 21 year old hip hop artist as BYMYSELF takes you on a 40 minute journey with intimate, chill and cinematic beats.

This will be the latest from NYUON as the Melbourne Music Bank 2014 runner-up is reaching new heights after recently performing at the MCG and other special events, scoring many radio plugs and interviews as well as a successful single launch for fan-favourite track, Your City.

We have the pleasure of revealing the cover of this upcoming project.


With a new music video on the way, BYMYSELF will be released online October 23.
You can also grab a free playlist to download now off Bandcamp.

You can check out our interview with NY here on RSOM.
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A true example of an emerging and undiscovered artist, NYUON aka N.Y. is now starting to believe in a dream of a big music career after placing runner up in the 2014 Melbourne Music Bank.

It was a decision by a close friend to enter hip-hop artist, N.Y. into the MMB that saw him performing at the finals and placing runner up. The Melbourne Music Bank is a community run initiative by the Bank of Melbourne designed to give one artist the opportunity to kickstart their career.10345761_246381755556738_6150294655990376482_n

When talking about the grand final, N.Y. described it as being a crazy experience when performing in front of media and music industry representatives from Beat Magazine, PBS 106.7 FM as well as Aussie rock chick and MMB 2014 Ambassador, Ella Hooper. “I was on the treadmill at the gym…” he explains when he received the call from the MMB telling him that he was a grand finalist. It was an unexpected reaction.

Staying true to the Melbourne theme as part of the Music Bank, his track, Your City, has a very laidback beat with very catchy lyrics. After listening to the song, you will be definitely singing on repeat, “Your city got nothing on me!”

Although placing second, this definitely gave N.Y. the motivation to take his music seriously.From leaving music on the backbone and taking studies first, the 20 year old always thought of music as a hobby along with playing his favourite sport basketball. “I never had a Facebook page, I didn’t think I’d get many likes… I’d rather music than study.”


N.Y. began songwriting when he met friend Cris Gamble in his first year of high school and the two decided to collaborate and form rap duo, T.P.D.I.B – The Plague Do It Big. “I found that I could learn rap lyrics really easy,” he explains as he and Gamble began to record songs in their home studio. With school commitments, N.Y. didn’t take music seriously. After finishing Year 12, he was awarded a scholarship to study aerospace engineering in China. On return from China, he decided to venture into a different field and is now studying commerce full time at Deakin University.

Since receiving much praise from the MMB grand final, N.Y. has now got his head in the zone and is about to release his very first mix tape on January 4th, 2015 titled, ‘BYMYSELF’. The mix tape is said to be a collection of chilled and mellow beats with industry professionals praising his work towards the production of the CD, even if some of his songs were recorded on his iPhone. Other tracks that are worth mentioning are MyZOne, Bae Not Really Pt 1+2, These Days and of course, Your City.

With no songwriting structure he describes that his lyrics and music sometimes come as a spur in the moment whilst others are based on personal experiences. “With me, I just get in my zone and get lost in my brain.” BK’s Song, a song not featured on BYMYSELF, is a song dedicated to his 18-year-old brother. The song talks about family especially his close relationship with his brother and their love for basketball.

“They’re the reason I got life in my lungs, you know.”

N.Y. mentions that he has a great support base with his friends sharing a lot of his work and his music Facebook page officially reaching over 1000 likes. From having a taste at performing on stage at the Melbourne Recital Centre for the final, N.Y. is itching to get back up on the stage and get himself out there. In 2015, he aims to build himself up in the music and hip hop biz. This artist is a true example of unrecognised Melburnian talent that needs to be recognised. If you are a hip hop fan, please hit him up on Soundcloud and take a listen, it’s awesome.

The video clip for ‘Your City’ is now available to view. Directed by George Kalpa, the clip explores the city of Melbourne and was released by Tonedeaf Magazine on 5/1/15.

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