REVIEW: Running Young – The Brunswick Hotel, Brunswick, Melbourne (10/12/15)

Going to a gig at the Brunny is without a doubt one of the best ways to spend your Thursday nights.

With the venue typically having a lineup of three bands, I was disappointed to miss the supporting acts, (Mr. Elephant Ride, Officer Parrot and Pink Harvest) after having to line up for quite some time in the cold hoping to get inside and listen to some sick tunes.

There was already quite the crowd waiting for Running Young to come on stage, and I knew things could only go uphill from here!

Running Young pulled out some great beats that were perfect for the venue. The band’s groovy and upbeat instrumentation kept the atmosphere alive while everyone enjoyed a good old beverage. What more could you ask for?

Their rendition of The Killers’ All These Things That I’ve Done got the crowd involved, and was definitely in my books a great rendition.

A great performance by the boys, they definitely know how to entertain a crowd and it will be great to see how this band grows in the future!

Official video clip for Did You See – Running Young

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Written by Githmi Wettasinghe, Director of Real Songwriters TV


Can I just say firstly that I love this venue. The sound quality is fantastic, no wonder why musicians always have a ball there! The atmosphere is always on a high, the crowd is always dancing, it’s just awesome.

Again, I went inside with no clue what was going to happen, on purpose, so I can fully immerse in all the energy the night had to offer.

Unfortunately, I did miss the first support act, but I did manage to catch the second act, WALKER.

Lead singer Jordan Walker’s voice was SO mesmerising. I especially loved the band’s cover of U2’s Where The Streets Have No Name. They could almost be a U2 tribute band! The instrumentation from the boys was tight and overall a killer set.

The night, of course, was in celebration of the band Wire Bird and the release of their new single, Always. Featuring a great instrumental breakdown in the middle with an intense build up of guitars and drums, the song is definitely a hit.

If I had to describe to somebody who hadn’t listened to Wire Bird before, I would say that if you like Temper Trap, Vance Joy or even a bit of MGMT, then you will definitely like this band.

The vocals by lead singer Tim Cook and harmonies by guitarists James Eynaud and John Longley are always in sync and soothing. (Hooray for three part harmonies!)

Their instrumentation, again, a massive highlight, especially live as you almost get lost in the music. You can see in their stage presence and in their music that they are passionate musicians. Playing songs old and new and even an rendition of James Bay’s Hold Back The River, the energy on stage never stopped. (Special mention to John whose energy was bouncing off the stage, he is a great performer.)

Wire Bird performing new single Always at Cuthbert Corner, Melbourne.

The boys also revealed two songs that will be featured on their forthcoming EP to be released later in the year.

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