A Conversation With Chloe Violette

“This last year has been about celebrating women in the creative arts. Hence the film clip I’ve just released- it was done by an all-female team from the producer to the cinematographer, the camera assistants and the editor. It was a really liberating experience. We’re slowly smashing the patriarchy!” RSOM recently spoke to the amazing [...]


“I feel like writing is a bit cathartic. I’ll write about it [experiences] because that’s my way to essentially be my own therapist.”   For some artists, the ability to find their niche happens overnight. This wasn’t the case for Celeste Polson. Not at all. The Ballarat-born singer songwriter, who artists under the stage name ‘Celeste Kate,’ didn’t [...]


"Hopefully it’s the kind of show Aretha would’ve put on thirty years ago except in Melbourne, sung by a little Italian-Australian girl." You’d be correct in thinking Motown was a thing of the past, right? Wrong. Meet Lucinda, known musically as Lucca Franco. The 24-year-old from Oakleigh has always had a love for Motown and [...]


Up and coming RnB soul star MAYA (22) chats to Jordyn about performing with her musician dad, life on the road and the release of her debut EP. J: I’ve read you’re a third-generation musician, suggesting that music has always been a big part of your life. What was it like growing up in a musical [...]


“When I wrote Rabbit Hole, it was kind of like a lightbulb moment and I found the exact sounds and tones I was looking for in my own voice.” That lightbulb moment changed everything, however. It was the moment that a 22-year-old girl from the Mornington Peninsula realised exactly who she wanted to be as [...]


Most artists rave about how all their songs are written from personal experience; how they’ve felt and experience everything in a particular song. This is not the case for Benjamin Trillado. The 19-year-old from Melbourne confesses that he has one specific desire for his song writing: to be able to find a song in anything. [...]


“I break my influences down into categories because I want a grasp on a bit of everything. Folk is the main one, but ‘folk’ is a broad term. Singer-songwriter folk is definitely where my heart is.” It’s not everyday you meet an upcoming artist is so willingly wearing his heart on his sleeve and delving [...]


Their debut EP Sundance Romance has been dubbed a “summer soundtrack,” but Melbourne-based band Napier have proven that their music provides the party tunes all year round. Led by frontman Nelson Dore, the band also consists of bass player Jimi Taylor, keys player Nick Dalton-Bocquet and drummer Matty Lansdown. Nelson and Jimi have known each [...]