A child of a musical household, a part of her time growing up was on tour with her Mum and Dad as they played Benny Andersson and Anni-Frid (Frida) Lyngstad in ABBA tribute band, BABBA. 

When not on tour, her father would play the piano around the house and baby Jade would sing gibberish back, singing before she could even talk.

Performing and writing songs from a very young age, Jade was involved in musical theatre productions and later on in her high school years, began to collaborate and perform with other musicians.

“So many special moments in my life have come because of the people I know and the contacts I have come across,” she says. “Everyone is so intertwined in the industry, you’re always bumping into someone.”

Her achievements include performing at Hisense Arena in front of 40,000 people as part of the Victorian State School Spectacular in 2014, as well as being crowned the winner of the 2015 Melbourne Music Bank competition, a competition designed to kickstart a musician’s career in the music industry.

Entering the Melbourne Music Bank gave Jade the motivation to build her confidence and her profile as an artist. Talking about both the Spectacular and MMB, she said that she loved them both for different reasons.1

“I was more nervous for MMB because it was a competition, I knew that I was being judged and up against artists who are just as deserving. In the arena, I wasn’t nervous.”

Since the win, she got stuck straight into recording her winning single, Kick Drum, at Melbourne recording studio, Sing Sing Studios, two days after the final.

A song written at the age of 15, Kick Drum is all about the uncontrollable feeling of happiness and the effervescent feeling of joy. Hearing the melody in a dream, she woke up and instantly recorded the melody which then turned into this upbeat and happy tune.

Jade’s busy schedule also included filming a video clip for Kick Drum, photoshoots as well as interviews on radio and for various publications.

Winning the competition has taught Jade many things about the practice of the music industry. “You don’t realise how many people are behind the scenes with making just one small thing happen.”

When talking about shooting the video clip, she said that it was the first time she had given someone else control over her music as she had always done everything on her own.

“Handing over something personal and letting someone else take control was very weird,” she said. Although letting go was hard at first, she said that she has had a lot of fun and has learnt a lot in the process.

Plans for the future include releasing an EP and sharing many more of her songs with you all. She also plans to continue on building her networking and sharing their knowledge.

Jade Alice is currently preparing for a single launch for Kick Drum which will kick off tonight at Shebeen. You can purchase tickets here.

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It’s been a long awaited release here at RSOM as we are huge fans of 20-year-old Abbey Stone. And why shouldn’t we be excited?! This artist is absolutely amazing and has come such a long way and is well deserving of all her efforts. Check out her debut EP titled, Doorways.

In an interview previously on RSOM, Abbey tells Jena that Doorways is, “about the beginning of something,” and we believe that this will definitely open more doors for this talented songwriter.


The first track titled Doorways is a nice introduction to the EP as she “watches the doorways,” while waiting to begin the next chapter of her life with her future admirer. With a nice blend of instruments to create a calm and somewhat dreamy atmosphere, the first track is a great set up for the tracks to come.

Abbey Stone performing at Les Twentyman Gala – 2014.

We then start to get really honest here with second track titled, Figure You Out. This song is definitely inspired by Abbey’s music inspiration, Taylor Swift with themes of ex lovers and bad relationships with lyrics like:

“You’re by yourself, that’s what you wanted. I left you alone, now I’m not bothered.”

With awesome keyboard riffs and an intense build up of guitars and drums towards the chorus, Stone’s story in her lyrics is honest and is a definite highlight in the entire EP – true songwriting!!

The next track titled, I’m Still Here, instantly reminded us of the angry and gusty American Idol winner, Carrie Underwood’s hit, Before He Cheats. 

Undoubtedly our favourite track on the EP, Abbey’s powerful, raw and honesty in her vocals mixed with the power of the guitars is spine tingling. She has taken it to the next level.

“I’m not holding on to you, you’re no one and I’m still here.”

This is the perfect girl power and break up song. (Yes we too are huge fans of T-Swift.)

Debut single and fifth track, For Everything, is about the last year of high school where she performed it at her Year 12 graduation to her classmates. It talks about the triumphs and tribulations of the final year of school and the successes of finishing 13 years of school. Abbey previously told RSOM that she had definitely crossed the finish line for the first time.

Charlie Musselwhite, renowned blues musician from the US, features in Stone’s sixth track, Million Minutes on the harmonica. This track gives a nice acoustic and serene feeling with Stone’s soothing vocals alongside the harmonica in the background. This would be another track that would be amazing to see live!

Last but definitely not least is Abbey’s latest single, Brave Heart, which features as the bonus track on this EP. She has teamed up with Melbourne producer, LUCIANBLOMKAMP to create this chill dance track which talks about the thrills of living life and enjoying freedom at a young age. This is an excellent track and a definite must listen.

This EP is HUGE so get on to it and purchase it off iTunes now.

To purchase the EP :https://itunes.apple.com/au/album/doorways/id936532268

Abbey Stone performing at Bikes4Life Charity Event – 2014.

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If you’re into dance and club music and are a sucker for powerhouse female vocalists, then you’ve come to the right place.

17-year-old Rachel Costanzo is chasing her dreams with her self-titled EP now available to purchase/download online.


The first track is her debut single, Blindside, a perfect dance track and opening for the EP. Unlike most dance tracks where there is a repeating loop and one line vocal hooks, Rachel’s voice stand out as they are flawless alongside the piano riff. With a funky drop, the beat will definitely make people dancing and singing along.

Keeping up with the club beat is her second single, Starlight. Although the lyrics are a tad cliché, it is still an inspirational and uplifting track, as the powerhouse vocals and infectious dance vibe don’t let the song down at all.

Next up is, Heartbeat Two Feet, a motivating and upbeat song talking about the hardships and the successes of Rachel’s career as she finds the light at the end of the tunnel.

Invisible is one of Rachel’s best tracks vocally as she sings with a heap of emotion as the track begins. The track includes a special feature by co-producer, Michael Paynter.

Yet, my personal favourite is the final track, Avalanche. This is where my love for powerhouse ballads come in as her vocals are immaculate. This would be spine tingling live with just vocals and piano.

This artist has huge potential to be big. If you haven’t jumped aboard the Rachel Costanzo bandwagon, you have to as she is definitely a star in the making.


To listen to the EP: https://soundcloud.com/rachelcostanzo/sets/rachel-costanzo-ep
To purchase the EP: https://itunes.apple.com/au/album/rachel-costanzo-ep/id902619754

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A passionate and driven artist, 24 year old Elodie Adams has just released her debut EP, inSUBORDINATE, following the successes of her debut single, ‘Born to Love You.’

At the age of 4, Elodie began playing the violin, which became her greatest love as she spent hours upon hours practicing.

“Most people assume I was a singer first, but to me, the violin will always be my first instrument.”

Her major songwriting and producing influences include American jazz singer/songwriter, Fiona Apple who is known for her single, ‘Criminal,’ and Trent Reznor, well known for his time with rock band, Nine Inch Nails.


Elodie began songwriting at the age of 17 as a means of overcoming sadness following an injury causing her to not play violin at a professional level.

“I bought a keyboard, without knowing how to play it… sat down, and found the pain I felt in a combination of keys I pressed down upon.”

Her love for poetry and the dramatisation of tragedy are major elements when writing songs. “I feel that there is a place within me that I draw upon to write the material that I do, and that place is very dark and consumed with anger, sadness and an overwhelming desire for passion and love.”

Enthusiastic about producing, Elodie wanted to co-produce her own music yet struggled to find a producer who would take somebody with limited knowledge on board. Fortunately, she found, Lee Bradshaw, and through their creation of ideas and Lee’s nurturing, the EP, inSUBORDINATE, was born.

“He was incredibly patient with me and allowed me to make an incredible amount of mistakes, and really learn through trial and error. I believe the end result has proven to be something wonderfully unique.”

inSUBORDINATE highly explores the themes of feminism, gender equality and liberation.

“I feel that all women should be raised in a society which teaches and enables them to appreciate and love their uniqueness and individuality.”


Her debut single, ‘Born to Love You’, was written during a turning point in her life when her life was suddenly changing as she became heavily involved in the music world. The single is a reflection of her isolation at that time. She explains that music is always accompanied by a strong vision as she looks to create universes in the songs that she writes.

“For Born to Love You, the vision I had was of a faceless female, being surrounded by a very specific haze of colour. It appeared to be an endless space of coloured mist which would not dissipate no matter where the female ran; a clear reflection of feeling isolated by the music industry in the early years.”

The single is now featured as the theme song on Playstation game, Oddworld, after Elodie contacted Oddworld co-founder, Lorne Lanning on Facebook. (watch trailer here)

“As a gamer myself, I have been a long time fan of the Oddworld video game series right from the first release of Oddysee back on PS1.”3

Elodie’s debut EP, inSUBORDINATE, was launched on Thursday 28th August at The Tote in Collingwood.

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If you have ever had the idea of going to a venue with the objective of discovering a new artist, this is it!

It was a perfect end to the day and an escape from the ‘lovely’ winter weather.

The night began with opening act Rachel Costanzo who graced us with a mixture of originals and covers, including a piano version of her latest single, ‘Starlight.’ (watch here)

Maxi was on next as her infectious vibe saw everybody dancing and singing along, bringing the excitement to the next level. Her indie-pop character is also a prominent feature as her set list saw a collection of hits, old and new, with ‘Walking With the Animals,’ being the latest. (watch here)

Then on came the fairy lights and the wait was over as Nussy made her grand entrance on stage while the SOLD OUT crowd welcomed her with huge applause.

‘Dizzy’, the second track on her self-titled EP brought more cheers as confetti balls were thrown from the stage into the crowd. With the band members jamming along to the beat of the drum, it was clear that all members on the stage were having fun. As the show went on, we were dancing along to the futuristic synth melodies as the third track on her EP, ‘Prowling’ saw some fiery solos and the final track, ‘The Other Side’ was a nice break in the setlist as it was relaxing with inspiring lyrics.

To this day, I am still left hearing “D-d-d-dizzy baby,” on repeat in my head! I am so glad I attended. Discovering artists at a live venue is the best thing anyone can do because you are surrounded by so much energy and you are engulfed in the singer’s emotions which makes their music more meaningful. I was left in awe and had to purchase a CD.

The EP ‘Nussy’ was released on July 18 after her debut single ‘Dizzy,’ was released on July 4. It is said that the EP is based on the challenges and pressures that young adults may be faced at some point. (buy single here)

Nussy’s second launch show was in Adelaide on August 1 at Pirie and Co Social Club.

If you are looking for some fresh music to add to your ‘Recently Added’ playlist, you have found it.

This artist is going to be big!

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27-year-old Cailah Ashlee Skinner, better known as CAS, has decided to pack up the office and leave the workforce to focus on her journey to stardom.

It wasn’t until her EP Problem With Manners was released earlier this year that she decided to fully commit to her original work.

“I know it’s a late decision. I always wanted to, but never thought it could happen.”

To get a clear definition of the genre of her music is tricky, so we asked her if she could help us out.


“It’s a bit of a hybrid,” she says as she describes her music as underground RNB electronica. “It’s a mix of everything that I love,” calling hip-hop her favourite genre.

Trained in classical piano, (with who she confesses she has a romantic affair with), Cailah started songwriting when she was around 13 years old and performed for the first time at the age of 16.

A poet at first, Cailah couldn’t seem to transform her poetry to lyrics. But, it wasn’t until she met her producer Lee Bradshaw that she began to understand the conventions of songwriting.

Problem With Manners is a 23 minute soundscape that is said to “evoke feelings of relentless emotions coupled with ‘live through this’ style lyrics.” It is, therefore, designed to allow the listener to relate to the music by ‘manifesting’ his or her own thoughts.

Upon hearing it the first time, its uniqueness stood out as a song would turn from a heartfelt RNB song with big bassy beats to a quiet melodic instrumental by a grand piano that leads into the next track, again different. It definitely is designed to catch the listener by surprise.

“I wanted to push the boundaries,” she said.

The third track on the EP titled, Broken, is a song that had always stuck in her mind for years. After tossing it three and a half years ago, the melodies were still buzzing around in her head. A character appeared in her hand, one with a rebellious nature and she recalled that the character was familiar but she couldn’t pinpoint it. Time had passed and CAS was unpacking boxes at her new house only to find a letter that had fallen out. It was written by her mother that Cailah had saved from when she was 16 years old. “My mum is an amazing writer,” as she described the moment when she read the letter again and made the clear connection between the character in her mind and the 16 year old Cailah with who the letter was written to.

Currently, she performs regularly with her cover band Hey Charger at Southbank’s PJ O’Brien and is often road tripping to Geelong for other regular gigs.

Now that she has packed up ship and decided to leave her full-time job, Cailah hopes to continue developing her craft and work with as many artists as she can. She hopes to one day work in the songwriting industry and write songs for other artists.

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With over 200 originals, 23,700 views and 330 subscribers on YouTube, sixteen-year old Abbey Grace is already achieving so much at such a young age.

During the past two years, Abbey has travelled, performed and worked with industry professionals both in Australia and overseas.

In 2012, she was one of approximately 30 performers who journeyed to America on a performance trip. Supported by Vocal Art Studios, the trip consisted of performances and workshops in both Disneyland and Hollywood. “The VAS music trip gave me experience in performing in a group and working as a team. It was also the first time I ever performed outside the studio, school and home.”1526650_656249731097288_1860242318_n

A highlight of the trip was attending a workshop held by Scotty Grand, American pop, RnB and dance singer, producer and songwriter. “It really opened my eyes as to how hard musicians work in this industry to achieve their goals, but also, how rewarding it can be.”

In late 2012, Abbey began to write and upload her own music onto YouTube. Burn, the second original she wrote, is dedicated to her friend as well as any past or present victim of bullying. “It was really one of those ‘when words fail, music speaks’ moments and since then, songwriting has become my escape.”

It was not long after she uploaded this that fans requested more of her originals which then gave her the confidence to continue on with her online ventures.

In 2013, Abbey was fortunate to have won a national songwriting competition called ‘Music Count Us In’. It was this that she was given the opportunity to write a song with Australia’s own John Foreman and Katie Noonan. She along with The Voice 2013 winner, Harrison Craig and 600,000 students from all over the country performed the song live. “It was a really helpful experience because it showed me all different ways and styles of writing and how to incorporate everyone’s ideas into one song.”

In October, ‘Burn’ was officially released as a single on iTunes along with a video clip which has received over 21,700 views. In 2014, the single placed number 9 on the overall charts on ‘Triple J Unearthed’ as well as number 2 on the ‘Triple J Unearthed Pop Chart.’

Abbey is currently participating in the Talent Development Program at Vocal Art Studios. This involves songwriting sessions, vocal lessons and group talks with industry professionals about the music world. “The TDP has given me a lot more information on the music industry and all the different paths you can take.”

She is continuing to build her repertoire of originals as well as wishing to co-write with other artists. Her EP ‘Wonderland’ will be out late 2014.

This young firecracker is definitely one to watch!

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‘Burn’: Official Video by Abbey Grace (2013)


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We recently chatted to India Jade about her musical journey as well as all the ins and outs of her upcoming self-titled EP due for release very soon!

Born in Gippsland, 19-year-old India Jade moved to the eastern suburbs of Camberwell where even without much of a musical influence around her, still managed to make music a part of her life.

I think my life would have been so different if I lived in the country my entire life, she said.

3 She said that she “fell into music as performing in front of family and friends was what she loved.

There was something so magical about watching people perform.

India joined the David Jaanz School of Singing at a young age that created many performance opportunities. She says that it is her “most favourite place in the world,” and is still attending the school, not only as a student but also a teacher.

At the tender age of only 16, India was chosen as a solo act for the Victorian State School Spectacular, which she said was a major highlight of her career.

India has just recently been signed by Titus Day from 6 Degrees Management. She is continuing to develop her brand as she stated that her EP is like a journal that highlights different phases of her life.

My goal was to create a fun, upbeat record that takes the listener on a crazy ride through the ups and downs of love and life as Ive experienced it.

A huge work in progress, India said that the EP contains songs that she wrote when she was only 15 years old. “I didn’t want to see them go on the back burner, she said.

Written in collaboration with James Rocher whom India describes as a “prolific writer, in so many more ways than one,” the songwriting process opened her eyes to the music world and her future as an artist.

Lyrics are definitely my strength in songwriting and often an entire song will take form purely from a random lyric idea, she said.

Real Thing a song featured on the upcoming self-titled EP, is described as one of her personal songs, however, India assures that listeners can also relate to the song as well.


Love is a universal thing! Its a very happy-go-lucky song and it will remind you of the first time you fell back into love after a nasty break-up or heartbreak, and how being with that one person makes you feel so happy and fearless that you forget any doubts you had about love before.

She feels as though the whole EP experience has enabled her to grow and excel as a songwriter due to the “amazing songwriters and musicians [she] worked with over the years”.

India’s upcoming launch is expected to be quite a success. Support acts include Frank Dixon, Aimee Chambers, Kylie Churinga and Jordyn Griffin. This will certainly be a night not to miss, full of excitement and hype and India certainly can’t wait!!




Indias EP is set for release Thursday March 19 with her launch on March 20 at Room680 in Hawthorn. You can purchase tickets HERE.

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Written by RSOM guest writer – Kyra Tsitsinaris
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Nineteen-year old Abbey Stone is a musician that is definitely marking her footprint in the music industry. I met Abbey when I was around twelve as we were competing at a major Victorian competition and I was completely awed at her amazing songwriting abilities.

As an escape from life’s troubles, Abbey began songwriting at the age of eleven. “The first song I ever wrote was about how I was getting bullied by people I went to school with.” She found that the only way to say things that she then couldn’t say to those people bullying her was to write it down.

Her debut single, ‘For Everything’ released in November 2012 was written about graduating her final year of high school. It was developed at a big turning point in her life when she had the sudden realisation that life was going to change. “After all those years together, it was all of a sudden clear to me that the people I saw everyday weren’t going to be in my life anymore.” It talks about the highs and lows of Year 12 and the celebration of achieving a milestone. “That was the first time I felt like I’d crosMG_8188sed the finish line.”

Travelling to the US gave her the chance to learn about herself and the world around her. “I finally got the change of scenery I needed to evolve as a writer.” She spent a few months in Nashville and New York City in 2013 writing and recording whilst performing at iconic places such as the Bluebird Cafe in Nashville and the Apollo Theatre in Harlem.

Her latest single, ‘Dear Lover’ was released in November 2013. It was mastered by David Briggs, guitarist and songwriter of the Little River Band. ‘Dear Lover’ was a song that just happened in rehearsals without the intention of recording and releasing it as a single. This is my favourite as it shows Abbey’s raw and compelling vocals as she pours out her heart to her future lover. “It’s a bit nostalgic in the sense that one day I’m going to play it to my husband and say, “See, I knew I’d find you!””

In 2014, Abbey has teamed up with super-producer LUCIANBLOMKAMP on her latest track ‘Brave Heart’ which is to be released very soon. She will also be returning to the States in June to write and record some new music. I wish Abbey all the best for her success and cannot wait to hear her latest work.

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‘Dear Lover’ – Abbey Stone live at King Kahuna

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Twenty-year old singer/songwriter Demi Louise has taken the plunge and left our Aussie shores to live and perform in the UK.

Like all average Melburnian songwriters, Demi spent her days songwriting, gigging and Youtubing. “Songwriting sort of just happened.” Not to mention, she also successfully completed her degree in Clinical Exercise Science at Victoria University in 2013.

But it was only last year that her life started to change when she began writing her first EP. “Basically at the end of last year, I met Joe from Sound of Melbourne Records and with some opportunities that were coming up, we decided that it was a good time to try and release something that was completely stripped back and unproduced.”

‘Songs From My Bedroom’, released in November 2013 is a collection of everything she had wrote and recorded till the date of release. “I think that it is a great starting point to release acoustic music like that and so it will be great to see my growth from here.” The EP received high praise from the public which inspired Demi to continue on with her work.

‘Songs From My Bedroom’ EP out now on iTunes

On 18th November 2013, Demi performed to a sold out crowd of 2,000 in Nottingham, UK supporting British singer/songwriter Gabrielle Aplin on her Autumn Tour after winning a competition run by Aplin’s website. It was here where she launched ‘Songs From My Bedroom’ and brought it to the big stage. (See video here)

“It was incredible. It was great to know that all those people were there appreciating the type of music that Gabby makes and that they would be open to what I was doing also. Everyone was so receptive and it was just everything that I could want from my life and I hope that I get the opportunity again.”

In early 2014, Demi auditioned for the new upcoming season of X Factor Australia. After her success in the audition rounds, Demi made the brave decision to leave the show with the sudden urge to release her own music. “I decided that as a whole concept for me and where I am, it was important that I go out and reach people with the music I want to reach then with. Although it’s great exposure, (and you could never ask for a bigger push than that), I just decided that it wasn’t where I needed to be.” It was after this that Demi packed her bags and headed to the UK.


Demi is definitely keeping herself busy with constant performances including her first UK festival at Liverpool Sound City and being part of the Aussie BBQ run by Sounds Australia. Meanwhile, she featured in an interview on BBC Merseyside with Billy Butler and performed ‘Stay’ live. Also, she was involved in a songwriting workshop held at Tileyard Records in London run by APRA where she and other Aussie and New Zealand songwriters were given the opportunity to collaborate, write and record music.

When asked about how it felt to be gigging in the UK representing Australia she replied with, “It’s an honour really. The support from Australia has made the whole experience happen for me and I’m very lucky.”

Amidst all the excitement and busy schedules, Demi released her first single titled ‘Ruins’. A song with a simple acoustic and heartfelt melody, Ruins talks about the effects of how a broken relationship can affect your future love life as taken from the following lyrics:

“There’ll be pieces of you, and there’ll be pieces of me, and then there’s all the other messed up things that fell in between. And while the spaces between our ruins grew, I knew.”

‘Ruins’ – Demi Louise, May 2014.

“My grandparents inspired me, (especially) my grandfather’s fight with dementia, and how even though they are still so in love, it will never be the same again.” The music video, directed by Jared from The Amadis Project was released in April and is worth a watch. Following its release, Ruins has received lots of positive feedback with a current total of over 2000 views on YouTube. Her Twitter support base is very active with fans constantly re-tweeting links to the video.

So, what’s next for Demi Louise? We believe there may possibly be more releases coming, or a tour, but Demi urges her fans to keep checking out her sites for upcoming details.  When asked about returning to Melbourne, Demi said that she may return in the summer to catch the sun!

“I am honestly loving what I am doing right now. I have so many goals musically and obviously the first of all of them is to gain national radio access through a release. So that’s what I’m aiming towards at the moment, but, we will see.”

10353581_781289805224788_7062576547383622626_n To keep up to date with future releases and events follow Demi Louise on:
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